Quo vadis?

“So what is it that you do?” Merciful God, but I hate hearing those insipid words! I don’t know why it irritates me so much, but it’s as if my job alone contains the quintessence of who I am. My profession may be an important aspect of the whole, but in the same way that a cut stone is not made up of a single facet, my job does not define me. Every time someone fires that idiotic question at me, I am sorely tempted to answer along the lines of, “Pimp. And what the fuck has that got to do with you anyway?” At least then, I wouldn’t have to endure the annoying knowing look when I give my usual (polite) response. Don’t nod at me, rectum features! I have slain dragons! I have swayed the seething masses with my eloquence! I have impregnated sighing maidens! I have flirted with death and returned, dammit! You may think you have me pegged, but you don’t!

At school, I discovered that I had an aptitude for mathematics and the practical applications thereof, but it was never something that I was particularly passionate about. While I found myself drawn to the Arts, I never had the courage to pursue a career in theatre or literature. Instead, I decided to follow a ‘safe’ path and I became a Civil Engineer. When you open a tap and fresh water gushes out, or when you flush the toilet and last night’s chilli vanishes into the bowels of the earth, someone like me was responsible for ensuring that the two systems don’t get confused with one another. In a world without Civil Engineers, you would turn on the tap and last night’s chilli… never mind. Suffice it to say that I fulfil a useful function in society. A useful, practical, mind-numbingly dull function.

The thing is – every so often – I am filled with self-loathing at my weakness of character, because I took the road often travelled. The fact that I have a job, rather than a vocation, makes me feel like a bit of a sell-out. The odds are pretty good that I would have ended up penniless and starving if I had followed ‘my dream’, so it isn’t something that bothers me much, except when someone asks me, “So what is it that you do?”


7 thoughts on “Quo vadis?

  1. You DO know that I am now trying to think of another question that will get your knickers in a wad, right? Heh. Unfortunately our worth does seem to be linked to our places of employment. I had a true vocation once and I ended up with ulcers and vomited alot because of it. (Hey, it’s like we’re a team!!!…) I now still have ulcers and vomit alot yet get paid way less for that pleasure. Well, at least people like me keep you CEs in business! =) Besides, we all know your worth is directly connected to your blog… right? No matter how cool you are in all your purple-velveted glory, Pimp Daddy, I’ll see you for what you really are. A creative, witty, silly guy! Hehe… Please don’t change the locks on me, I mean that in a positive way…


  2. LiVEwiRe: Pimp Daddy? Ahahahahaha! Yeah, baby. That’s just made my whole week. You make me blush! You are so kind. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to fit my swollen head into my helmet when I head off home tonight.

    I’m generally okay with being a drone. On balance, I think I would prefer to be stressed because my boss is an idiot, rather than because I can’t decide which foot to eat first.


  3. Always #2.

    I, too, left the ulcers and puking behind … but also the paycheque. It’s a trade-off. I have learned, however, that if you love what you do you seem to need less “stuff”. Tell that to the rest of my Gameboy-and-giant-TV-less family. Please.


  4. So, Daddy of the Pimpiest variety, shall I begin a “bigger helmet” fund? =) And Andrea, I have managed to not succumb to all the trimmings… congrats to you for doing that with your family!


  5. andrea: Attention Andrea’s family! Andrea is an inspiration to the rest of us, so stop whining. You don’t need toys to have fun.

    LiVEwiRe: Not to worry, I’ve decided to just shave my head and paint it black.


  6. Civil engineer, eh? I would never have guessed. Civil is not the word that comes to mind … 🙂
    And speaking of which, heard the joke about the three engineers arguing about which discipline could best be said to God when he designed the human body?
    Mechanical engineer: Must have be one of us, all those joints, and bendy bits.
    Chemical engineer: Not a chance. Mess with the pheremones and you’re in deep trouble. It’s all chemical.
    Civil engineer: Not a chance mate. It had to be a civil engineer. After all, who else would run a sewerage pipe through a major recreational area?
    Ha ha.
    Well I thought it was funny [my brother however did not, but he’s an uncivil engineer too …. 🙂


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