Thar she blows!

Awareness is a peculiar thing. Like most other residents of Cape Town, I’ve always known that the wind blows quite a bit here. Apart from specific activities, such as kite-flying or hanging laundry, it’s so much an ever-present fact of life, that I have tended not to notice it consciously. This all changed several months ago when I bought a scooter for commuting. All of a sudden, the strength, direction and quality of the wind leapt out of the figurative background to take on a new significance for me.

This was once again brought into sharp focus as I was returning home from work yesterday evening. My route takes me along Raapenberg Road, across the Black River. The path of the wind is relatively unobstructed in this spot and can reach terrifying speeds when the conditions are as optimal as they were yesterday. The only thing that prevented me from being blown into the path of oncoming traffic was the median island. It is gratifying to know that I provided much amusement to motorists as I attempted to tack my way to the Milner Road turn-off.

It has become clear to me now that the Southeaster is the natural enemy of the scooter owner.


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