The rats are running

I like kind people, but I would much rather share the road with considerate people. Allow me to explain: During the morning rush-hour, I often see ‘rat runners’ darting off the main routes into the adjacent suburban roads and emerging several intersections ahead. I also see those very kind people who will yield to let the rat-runners push into the queue and then the process repeats. As a result, the traffic on the main route gets slower and slower, which tempts more people to use the rat runs.

The kind people think to themselves, “Gosh, I am a kind person. I’ve made the world a happier place”. Sadly, what the kind people fail to understand is that while they have made one (undeserving) person happy, they have managed to delay dozens of others behind them. Dozens of others, I might add, who are less than impressed and decidedly UNhappy. In other words, their act of kindness ends up on the negative side of the karmic balance sheet.

Considerate people, on the other hand, allow residents out of their driveways, but say, “Screw you!” to the rat runners. The needs of the many, and all that.


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