Extreme danger – truth in advertising

I bought a small box of grapes at the Plumstead Pick ‘n’ Pay on Sunday. These ‘Funky Grapes’ (as they are called) are packaged in a purple and green box embellished with happy looking stick figures. I was less than impressed when I dug my ‘Funky Grapes’ out of the fridge for a snack yesterday evening. Nearly half were brown (as opposed to green) and the interstices were filled with a nasty looking fluffy grey mould.

I should have done a bit more research before buying these ‘Funky Grapes’ because according to Dictionary.com, one of the definitions of ‘funky’ is ‘Having a moldy or musty smell’. This is certainly descriptive of the product that Pick ‘n’ Pay has on offer, so pedantically speaking, it could be argued that I have no cause to complain.


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