Ghostly gaucherie

went to see The Phantom of the Opera movie after work. It’s one of my favourite operettas and since I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to see the live stage production when it was playing at Artscape, I decided to make amends yesterday evening. Frankly, I was a little disappointed. Not with the music and the story – but with the Phantom himself (played by Gerard Butler).

The fact that he has the acting abilities of a B-grade soap star, coupled with no charisma whatsoever was bad enough. The final insult came when his mask was pulled off and it was revealed to the world… that he had a bad case of acne. I mean, really! I spent my high school years with people who looked a lot worse. Director Joel Schumacher had a budget of a bazillion bucks for this film, so he could have made a bit more effort in the direction of stomach-churning nastiness, but instead, all we got was the result of too many chockies and not enough veg. I feel robbed.

I was left with the impression that the Phantom was less of a tragic figure and more of a narcissistic nutcase. Having a skin rash on the face is not a pleasant experience at the best of times, but it’s hardly the kind of thing to send one plunging over the edge into murderous insanity.


One thought on “Ghostly gaucherie

  1. Ooops I guess I get a big black star, I just did a post on him, Gerard in Phantom. I fell in lust on the spot, yup I’m a Tart. But UR right, his face was just not messed up enough. ; )

    The Tart
    ; )


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