Doctor Yes

It was another misty start to the day on my side of the mountain in the Mother City. Although it’s officially autumn in the southern hemisphere, I feel that the mist heralds the actual end of summer. Incidentally, I do realise that writing about the weather is tantamount to dragging a spatula across the bottom of the proverbial blog barrel, but that’s just too bad.

I was hoping to get through the week without bleating about work but alas, I cannot. It was already dark when I left the office yesterday evening, because I had to help my boss meet a ridiculous deadline. That guy really needs to learn how to say no. The ridiculous part is that we actually managed it, so now the bastards will be expecting a similar performance every time. Still, it’s a bit too late to start worrying about the hole in your foot after you’ve taken aim and pulled the trigger.


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