Climbing the walls

We have a gecko living in our bedroom. I’m rather fond of geckos. They don’t bite or stink and they generally earn their keep by controlling some of the smaller household flying pests. They remind me a bit of tadpoles that refuse to grow up (assuming, of course, that tadpoles could climb walls).

Our diminutive house guest moved in several days ago and this has caused my wife no end of distress, because she can’t fall asleep when the gecko is overhead. You see, despite all evidence to the contrary, she is convinced that the tiny thing is going to drop onto her head in the dark. Not bothered, concerned or vaguely worried, but convinced. It seems to be a variation on the ‘bats flying into your hair’ theme to me.

She admits that no gecko has actually ever dropped on her head. She also acknowledges that the little reptile is rather adept at navigating the cornices with what appears to be sure-footed competence. Nevertheless, for the past few evenings I’ve had the tedious task of herding the uncomprehending gecko into a more acceptable location before lights-out. I wonder if anyone will be impressed if I add ‘geckherd’ to my CV?


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