Subscription conniptions

MWeb has been running a magazine promotion for members. You get to choose a glossy magazine and they send you a free copy of the latest issue. Obviously, the hope is that sufficient numbers of people will be so impressed with the sample, that they will immediately rush out and purchase a subscription. As a marketing ploy, it has a certain panache. After all, it’s the same approach that has stood drug-dealers in good stead since time immemorial – i.e. “First one’s free, dude”.

I dutifully thumbed through the copy of ‘SA’s Best Men’s Magazine‘ that arrived in my postbox yesterday, but I found the content to be rather insipid and silly, to say the least. Kerry McGregor’s six-step illustrated guideline to unhook a bra with one hand being a case in point. Definitely not a prime candidate for the ‘must have’ category, so I don’t think I’ll be reaching for my chequebook in a hurry.

It may be bad form to complain about the food when the buffet is free, but that’s never stopped anyone before. I think part of the problem is that the original choices were limited to such utterly mainstream lifestyle and sports magazines that there wasn’t anything that really grabbed my fancy. There was nothing at all with aliens, mutants or alien mutants in the entire batch.


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