Death and something or other

I spent some quality time with my tax return over the weekend. I know there are many people who believe that these things are best left to the experts and flinch in horror at the very idea of DIY tax. The truth is that I am but a simple salary drone, so my taxes are laughably uncomplicated. I suppose if I had any hidden assets (other than my wedding tackle), a tax accountant would probably be a good idea, but until those happy days of potential tax evasion arrive, I will continue to plug away on my own.

I take the view that paying taxes is a good idea. Apart from the various terrifying tales of incarceration resulting from non-payment, such as the one recently related by thedodge, one has to consider the alternative. If everyone dug in their heels and cancelled their subscription to the Revenue Service Club, there simply wouldn’t be any funds for the government to misappropriate, misplace, misuse or otherwise flush down the toilet in some exciting and creative manner.

This is an extremely worrying prospect, because chronically unemployable politicians would be out on the streets, instead in parliament where we can keep an eye on them. We’d find cabinet ministers on every corner with grubby cardboard signs declaring, “Please give generously. Wife and two BMWs to support. God bless”. Businesses might even be tempted to give some of them jobs and it doesn’t take much imagination to realise how utterly disastrous that would be for the economy.


3 thoughts on “Death and something or other

  1. I am a simple salary drone too, but have given up on DIY tax. These days I pay someone to do it for me.
    It has worked well and 2 years in a row I have managed to get something back.
    Still I cannot help but wonder if everything is as it seems and perhaps I should get more involved in my owm money matters.


  2. I’ve found that unless I have actual business-related expenses or serious medical costs, Uncle Trevor isn’t very forthcoming with the refunds, but it sounds like your tax person knows their stuff.


  3. Only just got my first full time job. Don’t know anything about paying taxes except it’s gotta be easier in SA than when i was working in the US.


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