Agree with me or else

I have read the recent Katz / Joe Moore interaction and subsequent fall-out with interest. It has certainly caused quite a frothy in the M-Web blog community. In general, criticism (however constructive) is difficult to swallow at the best of times. Obviously, bare-faced insults are even less palatable, but I still found myself wondering whether no reaction whatsoever is worse. Hands up all those who feel worthless when nobody comments on your post.

I came to the conclusion that while belonging to a mutual back-slapping society is great, I would rather have someone vent spleen a la Joe Moore than say nothing at all. Admittedly, if someone calls me a fucking lunatic, I can’t take it as an insult because, well, the shoe fits. Other (perhaps less accurate) barbs that I have personally had to bear include: ‘useless’; ‘idiot’; ‘simple-minded’; ‘misguided’; ‘plain stupid’; and my all-time number one: ‘never-never land freak’.

It could be the cold weather in our corner of the world that’s making everyone sensitive and irritable. After all, when the mercury drops, your bladder contracts in sympathy and it is quite difficult to be nice to people when you have a pressing need to answer the call of Nature.


5 thoughts on “Agree with me or else

  1. Personally, I wish that Katz would pack up and leave the blogs!! I, for one, am sick of her. She has threatened to do this so may times before, I lost count.
    She is the kind of woman, I think, who thrives on sympathy and drama and likes to have the ‘world’ on her side. Yet beneath it all she is weak and high maintenance, shallow, narrow-minded and quite a negative personality. She has not had a single succesful realtionship, for God’s sake!
    I am with you on the criticism, I would rather take it than have people play nice with me.
    I like JM’s blog, so perhaps I am biased. They are highly entertaining and he comes across as very intelligent. Perhaps I am just being a guy, I echo what he said to Katz.
    PS: I am an ex MWEB blogger… have been for quite a while. One of the reasons I left (and I made no hoo-ha when I left) was the “closed in” nature of the community and the self appointed right of some ppl to regulate the community and decide what is ok and not.
    That said, I miss the comments regular comments and interaction, but thus far blogger has been good.


  2. I know what you mean by the self-appointed guardians of truth and justice – well, one in particular, if you catch my drift. Anyhoo, I suppose one can’t avoid this type of person and I would rather let them have their little rant on-line than have them get involved in politics where they could do real harm.
    This just in: Katz has returned.


  3. I saw that – no surprises here. Like I pointed out the “I am leaving” routine has been done many times before, by Katz in particular.
    I see that you have been vilified for your perspective on the situation. Again, you dared to go against the grain. Oy… hang in there bro, I found your blog highly entertaining.


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