Hair today…

I was returning home on Friday afternoon when I saw something astonishing. I can’t quite recall where I’d been, but that isn’t relevant to the story. It is strange, though. Well, let’s hope that I hadn’t been engaged in anything nefarious, because “I don’t remember” isn’t going to sit too well in a court of law. Perhaps I should explain that I had taken the day off, so my brain was understandably on holiday as well.

Anyway, I was returning home – from somewhere – and just as I pulled alongside the Dutch Reformed church on Waterloo Road, I saw a pedestrian heading in the direction of Wynberg Military Base. The remarkable thing was the pedestrian’s hairstyle. Imagine, if you will, that Sonic the hedgehog said to himself, “Screw the mohawk, I’m going for something really way out this time”. It appeared to be a cross between a static model of a hand-grenade explosion and a particularly vicious sea-urchin.

This was more of a hair-don’t than a hair-do. How on earth do you sleep in something like that? Clearly this person is celibate or single (or both), because there is no way anyone could get intimate with her without losing an eye. I’ve heard of using mace to protect your virtue, but I’ve never heard of actually turning your head into one to achieve the same purpose.


6 thoughts on “Hair today…

  1. Aha.. youthful expression. Sometimes misplaced, yet always so amusing.
    I bet there’s a number of guys out there thinking of getting it on with her. Hehehe… the black widow spider effect… the little guy knows she’s trouble yet he cannot help but wonder if he can make it out of there alive or sans injury.


  2. Nice way to save the ‘her’ for the end! Makes me rethink my hair appointment now… Then again, there is probably someone who is thrilled to have a girl with hair that cool. I can safely say it is not me. (On either count).


  3. God: what about the whole ‘invisible’ bit? I say screw the PR dept and get a mullet.
    LiVEwiRe: I’m pretty certain that you don’t have the same hairdresser, so you should be ok (as far as I know, Satan is vacationing in the south of France this time of year). I have also subsequently figured out that as long as her significant other is at least a head shorter than her, all should be well.


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