Over and out

The final curtain has fallen on Antigone (in the metaphorical sense, because the curtains in the theatre actually move horizontally). At the afterparty, several people asked me, “Are you happy or sad now that it’s over?” and my truthful answer was, “Yes, I am”. They probably thought that I didn’t quite understand the question, whereas most of them probably didn’t quite understand my answer.

I mean, yes, I am relieved to have my life return to some semblance of normality: I can get to bed at a reasonable hour; I can vegetate in front of the television – should I so choose; and I can eat dinner at a speed that does not put me in the ‘high-risk of choking’ category. On the other hand, I am filled with melancholy, because amateur productions cause the theatrical equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome for me. I’ve spent so much time with the cast and crew over the past three months that they have become like an extended family (complete with peculiar Uncle Frank, smutty Aunt Sue and self-absorbed cousin Flo*). Their sudden removal from my life leaves me with an uneasy feeling of dislocation – almost like there’s been a death in the family.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop me from phoning any of them up and suggesting that we get together, but seeing one of the cast outside the context of the theatre often enhances the sense of weirdness, because it’s a bit like talking to a ghost (without the chains and other associated spectral paraphernalia, naturally).

* names have been changed to protect the guilty.


13 thoughts on “Over and out

  1. …so it’s all over. But how long before you do it all again? Can you resist the excitement, the opening night nerves, the adrenaline rush?

    I’ve never tried theatre, but these are the things I feel when making speeches and after a while it all becomes almost addictive.


  2. Ah, withdrawal symptoms… Remembering the smell of make-up and hairspray usually had me in tears. My parents used to lock me in my room so I could cry and sleep, in no particular order, without bothering them.


  3. delboy: It is with shame that I confess that I have already signed up for another show. Hello my name is Kyknoord and I have a performance problem…

    anne: DAAH-ling, you do understand. How we suffer for our AAH-t.

    paul: And all the world’s a stage, eh?


  4. I know precisely what you mean. Seeing them out in the ‘real’ world is a bit awkward. You know, I think if you look closely enough right here, on your very own blog, you just might find your own nifty cast of characters. If you ever want to get rid of us, you could give us each new character names (as opposed to these ever-so-real names we use now) along with a brief description. Then again, I don’t think any of us offend that easily. Congrats on a show well done (third tree from the left)! Whether this is a comfort or a threat, know that there will be new cast and crew again to fill the void. =)


  5. LiVEwiRe: There are certainly enough strange characters in Blogspace to keep any playwrite busy for life. The main problem would be deciding who to leave out. [sound of penny dropping] Waaaait a minute… you mean your name isn’t really Lucy McGoldNugget? [sound of earth shattering]. Missed you at the afterparty, BTW.


  6. The internet being what it is, I hadn’t known you were in a play, and being a lazy capetonian, didn’t know the play was on either.
    Back to your day job, fellow towner!


  7. I wanted to be an actress since I was 3 years old. I even had scrap books of Liza Minelli and Barbra Streisand (I am NOT kidding!), my heroines! I dreamed I would become a famous actress one day, go to Hollywood and meet them. Hmm. I showed great promise up until Std 7 when puberty shyness kicked in. Still wouldn’t mind giving it a go. V cool that you are doing this acting thing albeit in amateur capacity. Pity your theatre thing is in the Southern suburbs though. May have to move now. Beeee afraid… teehee.


  8. bee: Hahaha …Beeee afraid…

    There are loads of amateur theatre groups in CT (and not just confined to the Southern Suburbs): Milnerton, Bellville, G & S in Pinelands etc. It is fun, but takes up a lot of time, so it’s difficult if you have a youngster to look after.


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