Premenstrual donnas

We hosted the local toy-throwing championships at our rehearsal last night. One member of the cast took umbrage at the behaviour of several other members of the cast and she launched into a good old fashioned – and highly entertaining – rant.

After she had calmed down, we continued, but the director chose to raise the issue during his feedback session. During the subsequent backlash, he lost his rag and threw a total hissy fit, complete with flecks of spittle flying from his mouth. Words were Exchanged and Things were Said (and naturally, egos were bruised). Judging from the black looks that passed between some of the active participants in the evening’s festivities, our next rehearsal is going to be Awkward.

Owing to my recent training in Applied Tantrum Psychology, I was able to hold myself serenely aloof from the proceedings and let the heated invective pass me by like a stream flowing around a stone. Nevertheless, I do foresee difficult times ahead, because while one almost expects a bit of instability from Amateur Actors Who Take Themselves Very Seriously, I just cannot respect a director who is incapable of keeping his temper in check.


21 thoughts on “Premenstrual donnas

  1. I love when you talk about theatre. It reminds me of so much. Tantrums and personality clashes including. (Conflicting egos with the director is a specialty of mine. Yay me.)

    I don’t do that much, but I had to: elnul, a French-Spanish loser.


  2. Hi Kyk – what play is it this time ? Will it be on at the Masque ? Had to laugh at your blog – you’ve got interesting times ahead. Miss you on the other blogsite. The Queen of Denial is still at it! lol



  3. That’s the World of Theatre. My uncle has made that world his life/living and he has the most boring parties I’ve ever attended. You’d think that being at a party with a bunch of actors would be a hoot, but they’re all so busy being on display that actual interaction is impossible. *yawn*

    dpqgyban = did you put the piggy in the frying pan? (I’m not bored yet)


  4. Aw c’mon KN, u should’ve joined in & thrown some toys of ur own, just for fun.
    I can give u some tips on How to Throw a Proper Tantrum if u like (Experience gained over many years of genuine PMS days).
    kdvnbnqr – Kids’ve never been quieter


  5. You can’t fool us. We know you left there stomping and pouting all the way home. You’re just saving up that big tantrum performance for another day when you don’t have to share with those other actors. So there, your ATP training helped you control the urge to jump in with the commoners.

    simrz – what happens when your blood pressure goes up


  6. anne: I think we need to import you as a cast consultant.

    albie: It’s ‘Little Women’ and will be performed at the Masque around mid-October (I’ll stick an ad in the sidebar a little bit closer to the time). With regard to M-Web, I just found that maintaining two blogs was too much of a hassle. Of course, not having to deal with the self-appointed Chief of the Thought Police is a bonus.

    andrea: That sounds terribly familiar. The only time the theatre parties become interesting is when everyone is too drunk to care. Since I’m a teetotaller, that’s usually the stage when I’m ready to go home.

    terri: A generous offer, I’m sure, but what sort of thespian would I be if I didn’t know how to throw a proper tantrum?

    scott & scott: You’d probably better not read my response to Albie, then.

    livewire: You saw right through me. I’m busy cultivating a ‘simmering volcano’ look at this very moment.

    JNP: Sadly, no video camera on hand to preserve the moment.


  7. I’ve always found it’s more fun to stand and watch people loose their rag.
    especially when one of them is so mad they don’t know what to do with themselves and all you want to do is laugh at them but you can’t ’cause they try and hit you with the nearest movable object.


  8. bigric: Yup. I get a bit nervous when people start to foam at the mouth, though.

    anne: When you arrive at Cape Town International, look out for the guy holding up the sign marked ‘Godot’. That’ll be me.

    paul: Too much caffeine in the bloodstream and a lack of real spice in their life (to paraphrase Morrissey).

    paintingchef: They’re everywhere – and they don’t know that they’re annoying.


  9. Dealing with toddlers should be a cinch then. Am not terribly fond of those arty types. Oh gawd, hope I haven’t insulted you. You’re not an arty type are you?


  10. A hissy fit – haven’t seen one of those in years.
    The best way to counter those is to have a laughing fit and when the hissy-fit-thrower(?) asks you what find so amusing, you tell him he is.
    Of course you may not be called upon to take part in the next or any future productions.
    Long live the prima donnas!
    [lotau: the Australian Lottery?]


  11. Hey, if you’re fast enough after you receive this, there’s a cool photo of your kite fest this past weekend on page 1 of the CBC site: I’d be surprised if it wasn’t still there what with our venerable broadcast institution’s workers on strike and all. (i.e. the home page doesn’t actually change that often these days…)


  12. tertia: WHAT??? I’ve never been so insulted in my LIFE!!!! [incoherent noises and foaming at the mouth/

    chitty: You suggestion may kill two birds with one stone. I am currently re-evaluating my willingness to participate in future productions after this one.

    flo: Thanks ever so much for the plug on Definitely a cabinet post for you, too 🙂

    diary thinker: And good to see you, too (although normally we don’t encourage too much thinking here.

    anne: No, I’ll be wearing a Tigger outfit.

    andrea: I saw it, thanks 🙂 Sadly, I didn’t manage to get to the festival, because the sprog has tonsillitis and is very unhappy.


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