In recent years, there has been a tendency in the marketing of consumer products to squish words together. I see examples everywhere: food packaging, television adverts, the printed media and so forth. They normally print the various words in different colours and/or fonts so that you won’t make the mistake of thinking that you are looking at one seriously big word (especially since the kinds of people who are susceptible to advertising don’t like to read long words).

This begs the question, “Why bother?” Is anyone really driven into a purchasing frenzy by the prospect of acquiring ‘fruitbuns’ versus the dull, passé old fruit buns? I’ve made discreet enquiries, but the reason behind this ridiculous trend remains curiously obscure, so it is always possible that this is the unfortunate result of some horrible misunderstanding. I suspect that the idea caught on after some advertising executive came up with a bizarre new way of trying to save money, or simply couldn’t find the spacebar on his keyboard.

I saw one of the more entertaining incarnations of this particular form of idiocy proudly emblazoned on the side of a well-known brand of music equipment: superbassreflex. Apparently, these speakers make you dance superbly.


19 thoughts on “Stupidtrendsinadvertising

  1. Aah yes, those super bass speakers take me back to my youth. Remember the party posters bragging FORTY dance floors, 50 million laser lights, 30000 trillion bass speaker, 90000 ravers, ONE toilet. Ok the one toilet was my add-in but you get the picture?

    jejzx: Super ZX powered Jej tricycle – get yours NOW!


  2. purchasing frenzy – shopping frenzy – hey I like em both, I’ll shop any time, any where, you dont have to squish anything to get me to shop! “s-h-o-p-p-i-n-g we’re shopping” (oldie by the petshop boys) see, even their name has the word shop in it.
    Hey! where you going? Shopping? Wait wait, I can finish typing this comment later! I’m coming with you….


  3. Hey there

    Long time listener, first time caller!


    KN, you are one of those rare comical talents that just have a unique way of looking at the world. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, keep it up!

    PS: Would it bug you to know that I print out your blog entries and stick them to the roof above my bed?

    PSS(PPS??): I’m just kidding… I ran out of space om my roof LONG ago… I memorize them now… 😉





  5. Kyknoord, I’m sticking to spaces and hyphens, all right? Are we in this together? Do we want to save the world? Are we OK risking life, limb and mental health for it? I say we are. Syntax warriors.


  6. bee: As long as it’s a rave, everyone’s dehydrated anyway, so the need for toilets is considerably reduced.

    spookie: I’m guessing that you’re a consummateconsumer.

    anon: Glad to have you on the show, Anon. Official ceiling-compatible transcripts are available upon request. Stay tuned, we’re coming up on our 10 000th visitor big prize give-away soon.

    tj: Ludidiculous! Now that’s a keeper. Note to advertising execs: TJ’s work is licensed, so if you even think about stealing this word, the ‘enforcement’ division of our legal department will be paying you a visit. Have a nice day, now.

    livewire: I k n e w y o u w o u l d n ‘ t b e a b l e t o r e s i s t.

    andrea: There is no such thing. There are strict laws against it, because if they ever compiled one, the gravitational pull would be so great that it would form a black hole and destroy the earth.

    redsaid: Et tu, Red?

    terri: And that makes three. You ladies should form a club. Or your own advertising agency.

    anne: Now that’s what I’m talking about! Onward Syntax Warriors! [cue: heroic symphonic fanfare]

    Lucy McGoldnugget: As you say – ahem.

    phoenix: Obviously your reflexes are working 🙂


  7. More amusing than stringing words together are words that mean absolutely f-all to the listener. I was called an “empowered wireless user” by a telemarketer the other day. I had no idea what she meant, so I said, “No, I will not have sex with you and it does not matter what you call my penis”.


  8. occasionally- i do something similar, i use dashes instead of spaces OCCASIONALLY. maybe it’s a trend favouring the afrikaans, or the advertisers are afrikaans- they’ve been doing that for centuries!


  9. chitty: LOL. Score: Chitty 1, Telemarketer nil. “…empowered wireless user…”? Sounds painful. I would guess it’s a drug-addicted partial castration victim who’s been hit by a tazer.

    angel: Dashes are totally different and perfectly acceptable. After all, even the Angels of the world use them occasionally.


  10. At the risk of draining the funny out of the room…

    I figure advertisers are trying to have products appear modern and web-friendly. Seems to me logos that are one word in all lowercase look more like URLs. I sort of wrestled with this when planning my header pic. I decided that The Churning just looks better than thechurning.


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