Again, with feeling

We only have a few more days to go before the show opens. Tempers are flaring kaleidoscopically, energy levels are dropping at an alarming rate and the molehill / mountain converters are running at full capacity.

Il Direttore has taken to holding his head in his hands and whimpering about how things are just going from bad to worse. He is quite correct, though. Things are starting to unravel and even the strongest of us are feeling a bit frayed around the edges. Of course, the decline is due in no small part to his particular style of directing. He kind of subscribes to the ‘carrot and stick’ school of motivation, but it looks like he missed out the first half of the course altogether.

In a recent fit of pique, he greeted the news of a technical hitch by flinging his notes down on the stage and declaring, “Well, then we might as well not bother having the rehearsal!” Unfortunately, his pronouncement was more for dramatic effect than an actual indication of intent, so we ended up having the sodding rehearsal anyway. Frankly, I think we would have all benefited more from the break.

After we had finished up that evening, one of the other cast members really put it best when she said, “Well, see you all tomorrow – for more drama“.


36 thoughts on “Again, with feeling

  1. michelle: More often than not, it’s fun. The problem is that it’s difficult to judge in advance whether the director’s going to turn out to be a plonker or not.

    anne: Supposedly and yes.

    machine: Well okay, but if I hear any heckling from the audience, I’ll know who to blame.


  2. Geez, sounds like a barrel of laughs. I ‘spose telling him to stop acting like drama queen is out of the question?

    bwmotar – vocal excercise to do before going onstage – great alternative to “How now, brown cow”


  3. machine: Okey dokey.

    livewire: Indeed. I, too, am a nice person. Come closer, Il Direttore.

    terri: Not entirely out of the question – I’m heading there rapidly, although I don’t think it will have the desired effect.

    paul: Thanks 🙂 Will do my best.


  4. “ok, people, once more from the beginning – and lets do it like we mean it !!! (he he) Sound very familiar…
    Break a leg, wish I could come and watch – I lllluuuurrrrvvv little women. Read the book, saw the movie, read the book another two or three times. But that was so long ago, I think I need to read it again sometime. Once again – break a leg, have fun.


  5. Yeah, it’s been said, but I want to say it too. Break a leg!!! Have as much fun as you possibly can and know that your director will take all the credit if everything goes well. If it doesn’t, it will be HIS fault too!! Either way you win.


  6. scott: Ta. I’ll be sure to look out for convenient potholes on the pavement.

    spookie: It’s like you were there. On topics theatrical: I’m sure you’d make an excellent Banquo, by the way.

    buddess: Cheers. It’s a good thing that there’s a cast readily available.


  7. I don’t know why, but I think it’s cool you act. It’s like I know somebody famous. Mind if I drop your handle when I got to one of those celebrity parties I like to frequent. Hee.


  8. Is it because I am haunting, or because you want to send someone to kill me? {{{OOOO mufasa!!!}}}}

    I’ll take that as a compliment – by the way. And from now on I will comment as Banquo. he he


  9. zube girl: Oh certainly, I know that people are always impressed when I mention you at parties. They’re even more impressed now that I pronounce your name correctly.

    banquo: It’s the spookie / haunting tie-in I’m thinking about [clanking chains].

    chitty heheheh. I’ll need to stop off at the chemist on my way home. We have one of those old-fashioned brass pokers on the set and my hands are unaccountably itchy…


  10. A funny link there hey? My grandfather nicknamed me spookie as a child, not sure why though. And I wont haunt you with clanging chanis – not my style. I prefer the sneakier, quieter kind of haunting. When you think you are almost sure you heard or saw something, but at the same time you are sure it was just your “imagination”.


  11. banquo: Very X-files, I dare say 🙂

    andrea: You may certainly use the expression. Does this make me a pusher of some sort?

    tj: You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head there. Oh – and thanks!

    jilly: Already done, check the ‘Little Women photos’ link in the sidebar.


  12. Ahhhhhhh last minute jitters, anguish, trauma’s and drama’s….I love and miss the theatre… I envy you right now. I can’t wait until the show opens and you get to feel the rush of opening night….somehow it makes it all worth it doesn’t it?


  13. hey, thats why its called drama school and drama class. acting cannot live without it.
    actors cannot live without it.
    soak it all in and enjoy it.
    good luck with the show.


  14. cyli: Well, considering the real-life drama that you have to deal with, our situation seems very small indeed, but it is worth it in the end 🙂

    boudica: Oh, it will. It’ll be over in the blink of an eye and I’ll start getting withdrawal symptoms.

    jay: Hey kettle, you’re black! hehehe…

    bigric: Too true. Fortunately, I’m not much of an actor, so I have partial immunity.

    lee: Lee, my heart goes out to you. We should start a support group.

    phoenix: I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with directors who managed to bring the best out of their cast without resorting to histrionics, so I know it’s possible, but as you say – artsy fartsy…


  15. Hey! Break a leg for tonight!

    Last year, the drama queen in me decided to act out, so I also took up a couple of stints in American community theatre. Oh, my… SUCH drama! (And I’m NOT referring to the play itself… just the behind-the-scenes, etc.) It was a comedy and I played a hysterical, nine-month pregnant South African (the playwright especially changed the part to make me South African, after being inspired by my accent!) and you know what? Despite the half the cast (including our leading man!) being replaced just DAYS before opening night, it was all great fun in the end. Hoping that your experience will be the same!


  16. andrea: It’ll be a hard act to follow. You have some pretty interesting facts on offer there.

    red: Cheers 🙂 Despite all my whining, it has been fun up until now.


  17. Kyknoord, in this business you have to learn to live with drama queens (of all genders) – as if you don’t know it! But I hate such bad behaviour; only did it myself once … and you know about it.

    Don’t be put off the stage. We need to see you again – and in other plays!! Will see you tomorrow.


  18. It is a tought world, isn’t it? The person you look too for direction….seens to be headed for a cul-da-sac. Everyone can see the signs, but the poor guy has one way vision. That is what happens when you let something get to deep…. you loose all objectivity….and only know what is playing out in thier mind. But is that not a directors right of passage….? To think like a god, act like a pri madonna, and dream like a 10 year old? You gotta respect some one for having the guts to go so far, and even if there is that tempremental ‘ Fuck, this sux’ it is all good in the end.


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