Down time

Sometimes I really hate going on leave. Why? Well mainly because it has to end. For some reason, I seem to be happier sitting at work thinking, “Ooh, I’m going on leave”, than being at home or on holiday thinking, “Oh great, I’ve got to go back to work”. I have tried not to think about going back to work, but to no avail. My mind refuses to let go. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to guarantee a successful outcome in this regard will involve head amputation (which is rather drastic, although I believe it’s a sure-fire cure for insomnia, too).

Another thing I hate about being away from work is that it always destroys another piece of my already shaky work ethic. Other people get back to their jobs recharged, rejuvenated and revitalised, whereas I need a defibrillator stuck up my arse to get me functioning on my first day back.

I mention this, because I’ve been on leave for the past ten days or so and returned to the office on Monday to be greeted with an in-tray on the verge of collapse, a screen full of sticky notes and 192 e-mails all marked ‘URGENT!!!‘. It’s nice to be loved, but there are limits, dammit!


19 thoughts on “Down time

  1. Sorry to hear that you are still stuck with the insomnia thing. Terri’s suggestion sounds good right about now. Please don’t go the head amputation way because we might just miss your ramblings. Ever thought of becoming your own boss??


  2. Dude, we were really worried about you especially after the no comments allowed post (18/10/2005). Glad to know it was only leave. You ever that again, I am sending the Grinch after you.
    Delete all the e-mails tghat waqs markes urgent. After 10 days away, surely they cannot be relevant anymore?


  3. Someone very dear to me always says “dont sweat the petty things, and dont pet the sweaty things.”
    Going back to work is something we all dislike – I am sure, but to let it get to you like that just is not worth it. And when you do get back, do what you can do, and tuff for the stuff you couldn’t get to. You can do it tomorrow. Thats how I do it. I focus on one task today – I will do another tomorrow. Sorry the insomnia is still keeping you up – it doesn’t help. When you are tired everything* seems like a mountain. I just know if you could get some sleep you could do anything*. Hope you are back to your old self soon.


  4. Shaky work ethic huh? I can SO relate. Like Tertia said recently: What happened to just showing up and looking mildly interested? What do they MEAN, we have to work? What is that about? NOT getting it!


  5. buddess: Terri is evil and must be stopped. She has corrupted you. Incidentally, I don’t think becoming my own boss would work out too well, because I would feel obliged to fire me.

    chitty: Have a word with IITQ about my absence. He can fill you in a little further. I actually derive perverse satisfaction from responding to 10 day old messages. Of course, I always begin with “I’ve been on leave, but in response to your query…”

    banquo: Everything’s cool. The first week is always the worst and then the routine kicks back in. This applies to many things, including insomnia, so I’m approaching the trend line again. Hey, who’re you calling “old”?

    bee: Absolutely! Productivity is a four-letter word with WAY too much energy.


  6. Oh wow. I think you just perfectly summed up how I feel about vacation! Seriously.

    And, I usually spend the entire vacation worrying about some stupid loose end that in the grand sceme of things, are far less important than, I don’t know, getting a tan?

    Sorry you’re back in the work saddle.


  7. It’s time to collect all these notes and emails, take them to your boss and scream ‘Get me a bloody assistant’.

    Then flounce off to Starbucks.

    It works, I tell thee.


  8. I know exactly what you mean. The last 3-4 days of any holiday are always the worst for me.

    “How much catch-up work is there to do?”
    “Have I missed any important meetings or emails?”
    “Has everything run smoothly while I was away?”
    “Is the place still STANDING?”

    All thoughts that keep me awake at night…


  9. anne: Indeed I shall (I studied Art and Logic).

    zube girl: Exactly. I’m going to start selling tee-shirts that say “OWN WORST ENEMY”. Should be a top seller.

    lee: I need to try that. Interestingly enough, My exploding inbox has given me a a great excuse to skive off. Every time someone bothers me when I’m doing something really important (like attending to nasal hygiene), I tell them I’m working through my messages and they nod with understanding and leave.

    delboy: Aha! A fellow sufferer. What should we call our club?


  10. I think the only sensible thing to do is to have a new rule that says for your first week back at work you dont have to do any actual W.O.R.K (spelling it out cos can’t bare to say it outloud).

    All you have to do is pitch up and hang around. Blog a bit, read other blogs, go for lunch – ease into things. I don’t think it can be v good for your health to jump straight back into things, you know, that 25% that we give normally.

    I really think I should rule this country. I am so sensible about stuff like this.


  11. I’m sorry, I’m stuck on the thought of the defibrilltor up the ass. So, would that make it a code brown? hey! i work in a hospital… I can’t help it! =)

    Welcome back and shredders can handle some of those notes for you…


  12. anne: ;->

    tertia: Country? You should rule the WORLD!

    livewire: “…code brown…” Ahahahahahahahahah! Phew! I’m exhausted now. I think I dislocated a rib.


  13. Terri is NOT evil… Boy, you get mean when you’re sleep-deprived!Terri was about to say Pleez don’t get the head-amputation thing cos that would mean one less blog for us to post comments on.
    You could always just delete all the emails – if they were really important, they will be re-sent 😉


  14. terri: Are you sure you’re not even a little bit evil? Well – I still love you, either way. I’ll forego the headectomy for now, but only because you gave me a good reason 🙂


  15. I stole your disclaimer at the bottom of your posts and used it in a post on my blog-thing. I laughed out loud when I read it. I haven’t done that in a while.

    Delete one email an hour, starting with the oldest one first. Let’s see if any of them were really urgent.


  16. scott: [BzzzzzZZZZZZt… smoke curls lazily up to the ceiling] I’m sorry, what was I saying?

    bryan: Thanks for the plug, mate. You have been inducted into the Venerable Order of the Other Side.


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