Needy me

I purloined this from Michelle’s blog. It is a highly entertaining way to burn up your lunch time, so if you haven’t already done so, you really should try this. It’s quite simple – all you do is Google your name with the word ‘needs’ and then post the results. Before you ask, I didn’t type “kyknoord needs” into the search box. I used my real [gasp!] name to generate the list. And here they are, in order of appearance:

Kyknoord needs…

  1. another miracle
  2. to limit the aliens access to critical areas
  3. to destroy the idolatry in his own household
  4. some signs to convince him
  5. to be alone on stage for what would be the next scene
  6. assurance
  7. a friend
  8. to stay behind to fix the ladder
  9. to battle his tiredness and pain
  10. to retire

The second one alone was worth the price of admission, but number five is a little bit creepy.


11 thoughts on “Needy me

  1. #5 is what is getting harder to have every second that passes. One of my greatest wishes…

    #7 also in the process of iradication. Not good quality in the bazar for this one…


  2. andrea: Indeed #5 does. You are exceptionally perceptive. As to #8 – well, you see, there was this snake…

    scott: I knew it! I knew it! You can’t fool me – I’m wearing my alumimium hat.

    tj: That’s probably because your real life is more interesting.

    doc: My first reaction to the entire list was, “Don’t we all?”


  3. I also did this and mune was pretty lame too. And I aslo used my real name – not Spookie or Banquo. I think I am just boring. [sigh]. Both of my sisters and my hubby’s were far more entertaining than mine. 😦 (SULK)


  4. I also did it with my real name, but out of over 4 million hits with all other versions of my name, there was nothing that links to my correct name. Buddess picked up some nice ones though!!


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