Official sponsor

This is nothing but a shameless plug, so if you are sick of adverts, infomercials and other schemes to part you from your hard-earned cash, then read no further.

Still with me? Good, I love a willing audience. A young theatre group called Artreach will be performing Hamlet around mid-December and I am sponsoring their radio advertising via FMR 101.3. What do I get out of it? Well, apart from the warm fuzzy feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile, not a whole lot (but the feeling is very warm and fuzzy indeed).

If you’re in Cape Town and you happen to be interested in an evening of Shakespeare, the details are all in the blinky thing in the sidebar. I’ll probably be lurking somewhere in the back row wearing leather and a scowl, so I do hope to see you all there.


23 thoughts on “Official sponsor

  1. Thou art a kind benefactor, good sir.

    Now, please let Auntie Red know: what’s your e-mail address?
    Mine is Redsaid(at) I’ve written a letter that has to be sent to several people, including you.


  2. Hmm, a chance to see the scowl in person. Whoohoo! I live on the other side of the boerewors curtain so can’t promise I shall be there but give a definite maybe!


  3. Is this where I’m supposed to feel excluded for living in another part of the world? A place where it’s cold? Where pollution reigns unchallenged? Where people scowl to greet each other?
    Pfft, I say.


  4. Leather leather everywhere and not a whip in sight…

    btw Anne, don’t feel lonely cos I can’t go either. We’ll put some snowballs in the mail for them, will we?


  5. red: I did get your e-mail. Welcome back and RIP.

    bee & lynn: Excellent. I shall dare to hope.

    anne: As you say, Pfft! I know the experience would be far, far richer with you in attendance.

    nomad: I would, but I’m a bit tapped out after my burst of generosity.

    lisa: How about no leather and a scowl?

    paul: Or rain, or snow, or gloom of night.

    gavin: Thanks. Of course, if your comment was automated blog spam, it would be programmed to say that, but I’m not one to look a compliment horse in the mouth 🙂

    banquo: Have you been at the cooking sherry again?

    angel: Basic black, naturally.

    andrea: You sure you want to risk the chaos of Cape Town airport?

    terri: Snowballs? Nice.

    jona: Next time.

    livewire: And you’ve got a million other things to worry about, too.


  6. *hic* ssszzzherri? *hic* waz zat shuppozzed to be *hic* uzzed ffor ccookging? *hic*? Oh me! Ah fffool szo ffeelish n*hic*ow, but doan yoo wor*hic*ry, ah have got all djay ssszzober to sszzzunday *hic* up. jeez, *hic* ccookging ssszzzherri who *hic* woodive thunk.


  7. Nice blog! And this is comment spam! Ha.

    Too bad I live in Nebraska. Though Africa is on my list of places to visit at some point in my life, I don’t think I will catch the show.

    Maybe you could post a small clip of what I’d be missing…


  8. If you can organise a babysitter, i’ll be there. I’ll need to see some formal qualifications, of course.
    Alas, poor kciroy, I knew him backwards… *warning- stolen joke!


  9. buddess: It’s probably Hamlet’s dad.

    banquo: Oh, behave!

    terri: I thought as much.

    bryan: I’ll see what can be arranged.

    scott: Shouldn’t the warning come before, not after?


  10. No wonder you weren’t around at the Masque Theatre when we called in – took photos but we didn’t get to see Sleeping Beauty though as we were a bit tight on time.

    However, we did treat ourselves to a night at the Baxter and Fugards Exits and Entrances – great stuff, it required massive concentration which is quite hard because:
    (a)when I am on my hols the brain tends to shut down a little
    (b) there was no interval, the two actors were doing a Marathon! It was good, momentum was achieved.

    I need to read the script now and mull it all over some more 🙂

    Sorry we missed you …..–>


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