Critical mass

Is it just me, or has the number of jaded, grumpy people out there increased significantly since last year? A brief stroll through the blogosphere will see you virtually knee-deep in humbugs of the ‘bah’ variety, so I’m beginning to suspect that my perception in this regard may be correct. If this is indeed the case, then I have good reason to be troubled.

To begin with, if everyone is joining the Eeyore Club, this means that my dearly-held default option is starting to become mainstream. Now, I am of the belief that a little cynicism is healthy for the public at large, but for this to degenerate into full-blown curmudgeonhood in more than a select few is simply too strange to contemplate.

What’s the point of being a Grinch when everyone else is one too? Where’s Tiny bloody Tim to kick around when you need him? After all, it’s no fun being a card-carrying misery-guts when there aren’t any joyful optimists left to despise.


25 thoughts on “Critical mass

  1. Hey, I’m still a joyful optimist (generally speaking)! Perhaps, though, that’s because I haven’t braved the mall or the roads in the past few weeks – merely making a quick dash in at the nearest small shop for supplies when we run out. All those bah-humbug types have probably been shopping or driving in the holiday rush recently…


  2. Hey, I was always a Grinch. With the occasional outburst of complete and utter wide-eyed naïveté (not sure how you spell that in English) and (shudder) optimism. You read what that does to me, though. Not pretty.


  3. If the world didn’t have well spoken Grinches, that would be a worse thing. Perhaps, now that everyone wants in on the ‘bah’ing, we need to develop a rating system. Not everyone is in touch with their feelings as well as some. Some simply say F*** this and F*** that, while better versed Scrooges say things like “Where’s Tiny bloody Tim to kick around when you need him?” and “it’s no fun being a card-carrying misery-guts when there aren’t any joyful optimists left to despise.”

    I loved your post. I’ve read many of your other ones as well but I felt I needed to comment this time and encourage you in your cynicism. To borrow your words I say, “Kyk noord en fok voort”. Always look North, friend, you may see Santa.


  4. Tiny bloody Tim
    I’m finding myself looking for him too this year. Thanks for the slap back to reality. looking for my rose colored glasses. HEY – WHO TOOK MY ROSE COLORED GLASSES??? Damn you!


  5. I am a hopeless optimist and I just love this time of year – not the whole santa and gifts thing, but the real meaning of Christmas. And I hope that you and all your blogosphere readers have a blessed and peaceful Christmas. God Bless…


  6. I was once a gushy, full of the season’s joy type of person, decorating and singing the day after Thanksgiving, but it has lost its appeal because now they want me to start gushing in August…I mean really…who has that kind of stamina?


  7. michelle: A wise joyful optimist, it would seem.

    paul: Thanks & to you too. Now if you’ll excuse me…

    3t: Thanks & to you too – on both counts ;->

    anne: It’s a matter of keeping the universe in balance. Who are we to challenge that?

    brian: You know how ex-smokers are often the sternest critics of smoking? Well, I’m afraid that if I ease up on my grip for a moment, I’ll be flung over to the opposite extreme and I’ll turn into one of those relentlessly cheerful specimens – the militant optimist. [shudder]

    beastarzmom: I find them, I’ll e-mail them back to you.

    anduin: You know, I was thinking the exact same same thing. Scary. It’s like you’re channelling me or something.

    kenju: Well, except us, of course.

    banquo: Interesting choice of words, O spooky one 🙂 I know what you mean by ‘hopeless optimist’, but I couldn’t prevent my thoughts going off on a tangent to try and resolve the inherent paradox (or oxymoron, if you’re from the Grammar Police) in that description.

    freedom girl: If I was paranoid, I would suspect that it was a plot to grind us into submission. Hang on, I am paranoid…


  8. Joy To The World…!!! 😀
    You may despise me also.
    I love Christmas with all it’s shiny kitschness – you want proof there’s still happiness about? Go read my post from the weekend. And btw you are by far the most eloquent Grinch I have read. Well, you and Anne.


  9. we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas… etc, etc! i love christmas- every year i buy more decorations and new lights and more presents than is healthy… for myself as well as my loved ones! i just bought myself a new bluetooth dongle and four cd’s! the rest of the year pretty much sux- but christmas i love! love your work!


  10. I promise not to cramp your style, if you won’t cramp mine. 🙂 I don’t think it’ll be an issue, because annoyingly optimistic bitch just doesn’t seem to suit you.

    Please don’t change! I dig you the way you are. All the rest are posers. Heh.


  11. I too, am I joyful optimist. Now that we are the minority, maybe there is some class I need to go to.

    “Hello, my name is Juliana and I’m an optimist…”

    It does seem like more and more people are unhappy.


  12. terri: My faith is restored and by the way, Anne is the Grinch Yoda.

    angel: This raises the question, how many decorations, lights and presents is ‘healthy’? Who decides? Is there a Christmas Decoration Ombudsman or something?

    beastarzmom: Depends what you’re going to do with it.

    sleeping mommy: Probably both.

    zube girl: Yeah, I’ll settle for just annoying 🙂

    livewire: I think I’d rather wager my donkey, Cap’n.

    jj: I think you’ve found the ideal approach.

    frozen: Now just hold on a minute there…

    caroline: Aren’t we just?

    pal: I once made a resolution not to make any more resolutions. I’ve managed to keep that one.

    juliana: I think the thing is to keep repeating, “I’m in a class of my own”


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