A change IS as good

I normally take leave during December, but this year circumstances have conspired to keep me at work right up to the Christmas weekend. I think I’m going to try and do this every year from now on, because it’s been fantastic. Seriously. For the past week or two, the roads have been virtually traffic-free when I leave for work. This makes a refreshing change from the usual early-morning experience, which is a bit like trying to suck peanut butter through a hosepipe with your jaw wired shut. I would never have believed that it was even possible to arrive at the office without the residual stress of the commute knotting my shoulders into a fleshy pretzel.

But it gets better – all the annoying cretins I normally have to deal with on a daily basis are on holiday. I can actually get some real work done without being interrupted or having to quell the urge to bury a blunt instrument in someone’s thick skull. For the first time in absolute ages, I find myself (gasp!) motivated.

I even look different. Lately, quite a few people have mentioned it. I’ve made some discreet enquiries and according to a body-language expert I found in the Yellow Pages, this unusual condition is apparently known as ‘smiling’.


20 thoughts on “A change IS as good

  1. Lol… damn you and that infernal smiling of yours! I knew something wasn’t right with the universe… I have recently remembered a few things and that just never happens. Now I know who is to blame for this tipping of the axis!


  2. I have had the same experience – but with working at night, most of the people I work with are still here – so I dont have the luxury of working merrily in peace – but I know what you mean. I have worked at night and there are no phone calls, no urgent jobs, no annoying requests that are not included in my job description. So until tomorrow (I am finished tomorrow) I will still have to suck the peanutbutter until every muscle in my face hurts…


  3. livewire: Yup. You can blame global warming on me, too.

    banquo: Sweet. Enjoy the time off.

    anne: Mwahahahahahahahah!

    elize: As you say. Bliss.

    paul: And if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em – but before you go off joining anything, always try to beat ’em first, just to make sure.


  4. I love the visual of “sucking peanut butter thru a hosepipe with your mouth wired shut”. That was excellent! πŸ™‚

    Actually, being as I LOVE peanut butter so much, I could probably do that…(or give myself an embolism trying).:)


  5. It’s amazing that working up to Christmas is actually more stress-free for you. Usually, people find taking off early is best. Sounds like things are a little bit different there on the other side of the mountain.

    I guess it’s summer there…that would be weird too.


  6. What happens after “all the annoying cretins [you]normally have to work with on a daily basis” read your blog? Will it be a passing of the blunt instrument in retaliation. Let’s hope not. I need to keep reading what you write. I would hate to think that you would be a drooling mess after such a beating.


  7. just want to wish you a happy Christmas and I hope the New Year is a happier one for you. I am on leave from today so this is cheers for now. Have a good one!!!!!


  8. It is great, isn’t it?
    I’m the same situation as you – loving the M3 at the moment!
    Also getting loads done at work.
    Less stressed in the car. Less stressed in the lab.

    Dreading it when the schools go back though: “If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor.”



  9. Driving into work here over the past few days has been a pleasure too…less of the cretins about but still far too many, this being a over-crowded, damp island and all that.

    Unfortunately, I’ll be in work next week so I’m not that smiley at the moment even though the place will be deserted.

    This may be my last chance to wish you Happy Grinch Day….keep smiling if you can! πŸ™‚


  10. D’oh! I thought I left a comment here yesterday but apparently not. I don’t care if you frown or smile, KN, as long as it doesn’t affect your blogging.
    Enjoy this foreign experience while it lasts!


  11. Stacy: Well, you ARE the Queen, after all.

    Phoenix: Indeed they are. Full of “Who’da’ thunk it?” moments.

    Caroline: And all the more precious for its rarity

    andrea: You’re quite correct – it’s Latin for “Project Management”.

    Brian: I’m sure I’ll be okay, because I don’t think any of the annoying cretins can read.

    kenju: You’re right. It helps being foreign.

    banquo: Thanks & you too. Enjoy, relax & recharge.

    Flo: Yes, me too. “Those who feel the breath of sadness, sit down next to me…”

    R/Nomad: Grinch Day? Hmmm… there’s an idea with possibilities.

    Terri: It happens to me too. I can’t decide whether I’m just forgetful or if Blogger is messing with my mind.

    Zube Girl: True – and yet, I miss my old face.


  12. I haven’t been ‘around’ for a while. Sorry to see that you are going through some difficult times!

    However, I LOVE working this time of the year. The office is quiet, the traffic non-existant, and my blood pressure appears to be normal.



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