Hike, you!

One goal. Many paths
Journeys begin with choices
How far must I go?

If there is one thing I really have to thank my soon-to-be ex-wife for (apart from hyphen-overload, of course), it’s for giving me a new perspective on personal travel. At the beginning of our separation, she appropriated the Family Chariot for her own and exclusive use, leaving me to skitter about on my scooter whenever the business of getting from A to B becomes a necessity.

Now while I enjoy my scooter immensely, having to don a helmet, gloves and jacket in the middle of the Cape Town summer is unpleasant in the extreme. Two-wheeled transport is dangerous enough as it is, but during December, I have to share the road with WAY too many motorised maniacs to even contemplate leaving my protective gear behind. I am able to cool down on longer journeys, but when it comes to short trips to the shops, I emerge from my leather cocoon all sweaty and utterly disreputable-looking. I often end up with a large contingent of mall security guards trying to tail me unobtrusively (the radios give you away, boys), because I certainly look guilty of something.

The solution? If I need to go somewhere that’s only a few kilometres away, I saddle up shank’s mare. It may take a bit longer, but at least nobody thinks I’m a criminal.


16 thoughts on “Hike, you!

  1. Damn – ya learn something new everyday!
    I’m gonna travel on shank’s mare a while this afternoon myself. Got the daughter home and it’s good talkin’ time. Who needs a chariot anyway…


  2. nomad: You’re terrible, Muriel! Oh, and thanks for so ably fielding the questions in my absence πŸ™‚

    paul: What he said. Dunno what a skank’s mare is, though. Someone with a skanky walk, maybe?

    jj: It’s all a matter of practice.

    beastarzmom: Yeah. Stupid chariots.

    anne: Well, since it’s freezing in Paris at the moment, scooters (and jackets and gloves) are fine.

    terri: As long as I don’t look like a smooth criminal. Merry & happy times to you too, Terry πŸ™‚


  3. Are you sure the security guards were following you because you looked disreputable? Nomad and I think it’s for other reasons… πŸ™‚ (If Muriel can speak for you, I can speak for Muriel.)


  4. BOS lady: So by not being dashing, I have dashed the cup from your lips? Damn! How ironic.

    andrea: Other reasons? My uncanny resemblance to Christian Bale, maybe?

    Zube Girl: Certainly is – and just to set the record straight – my fall was entirely legit. I din’ take no steenkeeng dive for nobody!

    LiVEwiRe: But of course! I have quite a reputation. That makes me reputable, I believe.


  5. I’ve never heard of a ‘skank’s mare’ either but ‘skank’ means disgusting or filthy. So, conceivably, a ‘skank’s mare’ is a very derogatory term for the female of the species?

    Yes, yes, I seem to be wallowing in my own filth – please excuse me!


  6. When I lived in Kaapstad many moons ago (can’t believe it is almost 20 years ago – sheesh don’t feel like I should be talking about 20 years ago when I still feel like a pisher), we used to point for the mountain and a kombi would stop and move us in the right direction. In those days I used to hitch to varisty and back to Sea Point, Greenpoint or Muizenberg, depending where I was staying – bet times have changed since then.


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