Vox populi

The municipal elections are looming, so with the proliferation of political posters on lampposts, it’s difficult to avoid the subject. Some people get quite hot under the collar about it, but I can’t manage to muster up much enthusiasm.

Thanks to our ridiculous floor-crossing legislation, it’s not like anyone’s vote really means a damned thing any more. Of course, no-one can complain, because this utterly stupid law was fully supported by the Constitutional Court. We can take solace in the fact that the highest court in the country believes that the will of the electorate is subordinate to the right of politicians to line their own pockets. Who can argue with a sound principle like that?

Of course, even if you ignore the legal nonsense, voting in the local elections is a bit like trying a to select a gear as your car plunges over a cliff – with pretty much the same outcome. For the most part, the various parties appear to have completely lost sight of the actual purpose of the City Council, because they are more concerned about their own political agendas than actual service delivery. Then again, if you consider the fine example set by the mayor, I suppose this isn’t too surprising. Ms Mfeketo behaves as if she is the Queen of Cape Town, rather than a public servant.

While I’m on the topic, a few of the slogans I’ve seen on posters around town deserve comment:

A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL (could be a typo – ‘a bitter life’ would more accurate)
THE DA DELIVERS (if it’s pizza, they’ll get a lot of votes)
PUTTING FAMILY FIRST (ah, so those rumours of nepotism were true)


10 thoughts on “Vox populi

  1. Have you ever watched Charlie Brown, you know how the school teacher sounds when she talks to them? Thats what I hear when people start to talk politics -“wupwupwup wupwup wupwupwupwup….”

    I do like the slogan comments though – I always find them amusing. What amazes me is that we get told we have to vote for one of the parties – but I cant find anything in any of them that I like.

    To me politicians are like bananas, they hung out in bunches, they are all a little skew, and they are all yellow – oh and they are soft and squishy on the inside!


  2. Fantastic slogans!

    I expect you saw our Tory’s attempts at an election campaign, their “Its not racist to impose limits on immigration” posters amongst others. All of which had of course been doctored (quite rightly) and read something along the lines of “yes it is you tory bastards” which was pretty good, really, although not especially well thought out. anyways, there are some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iainwatson/63232033/in/photostream/

    I’m going to tag you!

    *4 things you wouldn’t mind having tatooed on your arse

    *4 dangerous and irresponsible things you have done in the name of fun

    *4 useless things that you have bought during an identity/midlife crisis moment

    xxB 😀


  3. Excellent post! I wish you were here right now to put your spin on Canada’s federal election (5 days and counting…). I love the car going over the cliff analogy.


  4. At least tell us that you have more than two options available to vote on.

    Here in ‘America’ we only get to pick from red or blue. This country is damn polarized that voting means so little.

    I’m throwing my hat into the ring come our 2020 elections, just to give people options.


  5. banquo: Don’t vote! A politician will get in!

    boudica: Very catchy, that Tory slogan. Almost as interesting as the information booklet I got with my tax return.

    andrea: It’s a bit of a commute, but I’ll see what I can do.

    Bryan: We have one big party and zillions of small parties, so our options are essentially limited to ‘for’ and ‘against’. Best of luck for your 2020 vision.

    Phoenix: We don’t have that ad campaign running in this country, so it might just work.


  6. Haha… it has become a bit of a circus. The Xmas decorations are down and now every piece of available space is covered in campaign posters.
    The Afrikaans version of the DA poster, DIE DA LEWER, is up all over my suburb. I read it wrongly in English, and I truly went WTF ‘coz it literaly made no sense! Whoever heard of, “dye da lewe-er”?


  7. mmm… as a digital publisher/ web designer/ creative media developer (and sticking to what I know) all i can really comment on is that none of these parties actually use their websites to their benefit. It’s a powerful medium… if used correctly, but seeing as it’s nowhere on their campaigns it’s obvious they don’t know that.


  8. I haven’t seen any posters from the ruling party yet. Does that mean that they are not going to waste any of our money on silly posters or are we still busy paying for the ministers holiday?


  9. chitty: Send in the clowns…

    tripeak: I think we should start small and try and figure out what they actually do know.

    buddess: They know the Eastern Cape is in the bag, so there’s not much need to waste time on posters.


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