Slow news day

You can thank Boudica of Suburbia for this beautifully mangled version of the ‘4 things’ meme. Do feel free to play along. Or not.

4 things you wouldn’t mind having tattooed on your arse:
– I love pain I love pain I love pain I love pain I love pain I love pain
– If you can read this, you are much too close
– Warning! Always wear eye protection when viewing the sun directly
– Say “No” to crack

4 dangerous and irresponsible things you have done in the name of fun:
– Joined the army
– Ate a meal at Kuzma’s in Rondebosch
– Slipstreamed an 18-wheeler down the freeway on my scooter
– Got married

4 useless things that you have bought during an identity/midlife crisis moment:
– A Korean motorcycle
– 3 overpriced replacement exhaust pipes for a Korean motorcycle

4 people to be tagged:
– you,
– you and
– you.


13 thoughts on “Slow news day

  1. I would’ve picked up the tag except you stole all my tattoos. The “say no to crack” one, anyway (it’s a staple for those who display plumber’s crack). Why did I know you were going to say the fourth one in the dangerous/irresponsible category?


  2. The “No to crack” is my favourite too!

    I used to eat at Kuzma’s all the time when I was younger – it was the only 24-hour place around in those days and when you got the munchies at 5am…


  3. anne: Proof that I think better with my buttocks.

    andrea: You know me so well 🙂

    del: Mark Burnett Productions presents… SURVIVOR KUZMA’S: Outstink Outpuke Outfast

    anduin: It took me a while, but I eventually I learned my lesson.


  4. I too used to eat at Kuzma’s at 5 / 6 am – some ungodly hour after clubbing all night. I fondly remember their garlic pita’s which we consumed once with a LOT of tequila – not a particularly good combo and you can just imagine the results. aaaargh


  5. Did you join the army voluntarily or are you of the age when it was compulsory? Fortunately, despite being from that generation, I was always regarded as a foreigner so I skipped out on that aspect of S A life.

    Kuzma’s is SO much better than many of the late night eating ( read kebab shop!) places you get here.


  6. Incidentally (directed at Delboy as well as you), did you never eat at that place on Station Road , Mowbray in those very early hours when you had the munchies? It was great even if there were cockroaches everywhere. That’s where I got addicted to space invader games – ah, those were the days! 🙂


  7. phoenix: It’s not just a good idea, it’s the right thing to do.

    livewire: Does an brand from an exhaust count?

    bee: Vividly, in technicolour.

    nomad: I volunteered. Sort of. I was originally called up for July, but requested to be included in the February intake and the army was only too happy to have me. I’m not familiar with the place in Mowbray, but Cadiz Nosh Bar in town was another favourite early-morning hang-out.


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