All the time in the world

Time. It’s our perception of it that gives it specific meaning. It really all depends on whether you’re waiting for something to happen or to stop happening. This isn’t exactly profound, because anyone who has ever visited the dentist knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The most difficult trick, though, is to try to be present in the present – to fully understand that this is now. We humans seem to be very much beings ‘out of time’. We spend so much of our lives either brooding over past events that we can’t change, or dreaming about a future that may never happen. In reality (and I use the term more for convenience, rather than accuracy, here), all we have is now. The concept of time is a convenient illusion that allows us to remember to flush and to stop ourselves from going completely bananas.

From a personal perspective, up until a couple of weeks ago, my thoughts were continually ricocheting off events that I had imagined for myself in a semi-tangible future. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men… When you know your destination, you can look for the best path and set your pace accordingly, but when you are utterly lost, any direction is as good as another and it’s best to set your pace for the long haul. You’ll end up somewhere – it’s only a question of time.


16 thoughts on “All the time in the world

  1. What aabout when you seek your past for “what works” and what didn”t , then try to repeat what seemed effective in the past. There’s only a small amount of value in that, since every given “NOW” is unique and has elements that were absent in the past.
    Sorry if that doesn’t make a lick of sense to you! I may have written that for myself…..


  2. Joyce has a point. We can only go by what we know. The whole Buddhist concept of ‘mindfulness’ and living in the moment must be the hardest thing to pull off on a continual basis. I know it’s not something I’d ever be able to manage, but I also wouldn’t want to give up the things that have made me what I am; the painful is as valuable as all the rest. And one thing about pain: there’s nothing that tells you you’re alive more than that. But I’m rambling now. I, too, have my backpack, hiking boots and GPS locator at the ready. Just tell me where to meet you.


  3. The whole time thing freaks me out…I once waited and realized time was speeding by…but now I am a Cheap Tart!

    TIME STOPS FOR ME! I wish…but I am having fun.

    The Tart


  4. One of the best items to take on such a journey is the well-wishing from the shore. There is something quite magical about conjouring up a fistful of warty faces from your life to take with you in your life jouney, even if you don’t know where you are going. It’s those faces and what they’ve said to you as encouragement that you remember when your sea becomes temptuous. You’ve managed to conjour up a nice galley of pirates here in your blog. I feel encouraged for you just reading some of their comments to you.


  5. fm: Ex marks the spot. This is going to be in tents.

    anne: A map, maybe?

    joyce: Makes perfect sense. “Those who don’t learn their history” and so forth.

    andrea: Past experiences are like items of clothing. To extend the metaphor and borrow from a song, it makes more sense to me to dress according to the weather than to go where the weather suits your clothes. Incidentally, you’ve already met me halfway, so let’s go.

    Terri: Will do. I helps to keep in mind the one immutable law of geography (and life) – i.e: No matter where you go, there you are.

    realist: Glad to hear it. Here’s hoping.

    Tart: Time waits for no man, but nobody said anything about tarts, so you could very well be right.

    Brian: Aaar, matey. That it be, that it be.


  6. LOL @ terri. KN: I know quoting songs is getting a bit repetitive, but I feel these few lines are quite relevant.

    “All of the things I never did,
    I was waiting for the right time…
    All of the things I never said,
    I was waiting for the right line…
    When is the right time the right time?
    I’d be waiting all my life… “


  7. Time goes by so slowly for those who wait…
    ~Madonna (hahahahyuck!)

    A watched pot never boils…

    Every cloud has a silver lining…?

    Tell me to shut up someone please!?

    Virtual hugs n stuff.


  8. Thank you for reminding me of ‘Now’. I’m one of those people who live more in the past and the future than in the present.

    You’ll get somewhere. That’s for sure.


  9. One of the greatest tricks is learning to live in the present to feel the good, the bad, the indifference and being able to tell them apart. I learned my mantra that keeps me in today, to acknowledge all thats good in my life because if I don’t then the bad parts take over and I will be back where I was so many years ago, and I never want to go back to not being able to acknowledge all of who I am and am trying to be. To be present is the greatest gift we give ourselves without it we can’t appreciate the treasure, the gift that life is – cliche but so friggin’ true


  10. LOL, we Tarts are exempt from just about everything…except our own thoughts and ghosts of life past. Your post has resulted in so many interesting comments.

    That Brian…he called us Pirates I think…Tarts & Pirates…trying to live in the now.


  11. tripeak: True, especially if you’re a professional waiter.

    bee: Strike while the iron is hot (depends which union you belong to, naturally).

    zube girl: Every so often, I get so wrapped up in myself, that I can’t see the present. Irony. Ahaha.

    tammy: I think I probably need a new mantra. ‘Fuckitfuckitfuckit…’ just doesn’t bring the tranquility it used to.

    tart: Hmmm… an all-encompassing exemption would go down rather well right now. Looks like I need to aspire to tarthood.


  12. This post stuck in my head and I’ve been thinking about it for the last two days trying to figure out the concept of being present in the present. The thing that forces a person be in the now is pain. Either physical or emotional. When you are in pain, time seems to stand still and leaves you wondering how long you will have to suffer through it.

    Thanks for the deep thoughts…


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