Saint who?

It’s February again, so that means most shop managers have already received the memo from head office instructing them to pull out the Big Box of Decorations and do their best to make the store look like a bordello. Everywhere you look, you can see windows festooned with frilly things and carmine trim. Heart-covered banners entreat you to ‘Treat Your Loved One’ (for a price, of course), while chocolates and fluffy soft toys multiply on the shelves like aphrodisiac-soaked rabbits.

The message is plain: if you’re single, you are a LOSER! If you’re involved, you are CHEAP!

Hands up anyone who doesn’t feel pressurised by Valentine’s Day. Anyone? Thought so. I am fortunately exempt from having to make an effort this year, what with the divorce and all, but all the pink and red advertisements still make me edgy. I probably have suppressed birth trauma or something and I’m severely tempted to dump a specific item in my sidebar.


21 thoughts on “Saint who?

  1. I have my Valentine’s settings on “tune out”. It’s lovely. It’s currently my favourite “holiday” (event? non event?) because I’m happily single and it’s the one time this year I don’t feel obligued to buy presents for people. I don’t even have to think about it. Yay!

    I had a horrible experience yesterday, though, as I walked past the lounge and heard a TV ad for easter chocolates.


  2. The only thing I like about Valentine’s day is that there are usually specials on chocolates. I get to treat myself for a whole lot less than usual! 🙂

    But all the other stuff? Well, as you said over Xmas – “Bah Humbug!”.


  3. I am a hopeless romantic – and although I never buy anything, I still do something special for my hubby.

    One year I got all the letters and cards and photos and stuff from when we were dating and put them all in a box and when he came home I told him he could sit and take a trip down memory lane – he totally enjoyed it!

    This year I am going to put all sort of sticky stuff together like peanut butter, glue, stickers, prestick, and whatever I can get and make a “stuck on you” hamper. And it doesn’t cost me anything.

    Needless to say – I get zip from him – but hey, he does other things at other times that are special.


  4. anne: Eloquent and succinct. I couldn’t agree more.

    mandy: Easter? Already? [suppresses shudder]

    fm: Captain, we have a volunteer. That man with his hand up will clean out the latrine.

    michelle: Bah Chocolate, maybe? Wait – how about Chocolate Bah?

    banquo: Sounds like fun. Wanna borrow some tar and feathers?


  5. I will rather choose to be spoiled 365 then one day. Valentine’s day is just a money making thing after christmas presents and all who still got money to buy expensive valintines gift.


  6. Definitely not my fave time of year – I have no imagination when it comes to romance, but hubby always comes up with great ideas so yep, I feel the pressure, aaargh!!!


  7. I’ve learned to put all holiday on ignore. The only ones I celebrate are News Years and Independence Day (U.S.). Outside of that, like Anne said “ugh”.


  8. Husband and I are quite possibly THE most unromantic people in the world. We dont even do birthday cards or Xmas gifts. So hand firmly up for not giving a continental about V day. No pressure. Really, really don’t care.


  9. Weird… me that is… I really feel no pressure to buy anything… ever since I was little I’ve made Valentine’s cards… and I did once buy a red rose… just the once… and it worked…


  10. whatalotoffun: Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled all year round?

    Terri: Hubby’s obviously a stronger man than I am 🙂

    Bryan: Now that’s a trick, I’d like to learn.

    Tertia: If you aren’t careful, the consumer police are gonna come and getcha!

    Caroline: I suspect your success had less to do with the flower and more to do with the giver.

    forgottenmachine: Hah! Looks like you’ll have help on the clean-up squad.

    Phoenix: Nah, it’s probably suppressed birth trauma or something.

    Anduin: As long as you’re doing one another. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist ;->


  11. They’re trying to ban St Valentine’s day in the UK as being a solely Christian festival.
    Now, normally – as a committed member of the atheist community – I don’t agree with that sort of viewpoint: same as stopping church bells from ringing on a Sunday morning as “it wakes the non-Christians”. However, in this case, I think that Valentine’s Day IS rather offensive – and not just to people of other faiths.


  12. Hate V day – hate it HATE it. Bah humbug to infinity. Stupid consumerism crap. Grrr. Ignoring it avidly. SO I guess my hand is up.
    PS: Tertia: lovely pic! : )


  13. kyknoord~

    I for one, HATE Valentines Day! Always have from all the way back into childhood. It is a sorry excuse for a “Holiday.” Made to aid card shops, flower shops, restuarants and chocolate sales.

    As a married woman very much in love with my husband, you would think that would change. It hasn’t, not one iota.

    I long ago made it clear to my husband, I want nothing from this Holiday. We do not acknowledge it in the least. (A point I think my husband has come to appreciate)

    I agree with you and see it as a prejudiced Holiday, that tends to make WAY TOO many people feel the sting of being single, number one. And sets up expectations that can make it difficult for many spouses to live up to. This day is ignored in my household, and is one day that I insist there be no flower purchases, or candy or cards.
    So ignore it. I think there are a lot of us that feel this way too.

    Hang in there.



  14. Flo: Whatever next? Banning the summer solstice, because it offends non-pagans?

    bee: I am sensing anger. It’s probably stress-related, so you can put your hand down, although FM could probably do with the help.

    3T: I wouldn’t mind so much if the colour scheme was less offensive.


  15. LOL. Dude, you should try watching the new dating show on GO (dsTV channel 84) called ‘FLIRT’ – It’s bad – really cheesy! Almost as bad as Valintines day itself.


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