Excitement incitement

Rehearsal ended quite late on Sunday and since Kalk Bay is relatively close to the Masque, I headed in that direction for a bite to eat. There’s a large selection of eating emporia to choose from along the main road. They’re all arty and quirky (and some of them even serve decent food), but to protect the guilty and innocent alike, I’m keeping the name of the establishment I selected to myself.

I ordered and set to, but I confess that my attention was diverted from my plate towards the owner of the place – so much so that I asked her out. “That’s so funny”, she replied – not exactly the response I was going for. Admittedly, I used to get that a lot when I was dating, but usually only after I’d taken off my trousers…

Anyway, she agreed to go out with me if we did something “really exciting”. I’m in serious shit here, because as an official card-carrying member of the Dull Men’s Club, my idea of ‘exciting’ is an espresso after 6 p.m.


26 thoughts on “Excitement incitement

  1. Wow, I’m really proud of you for asking her out! How ’bout paragliding off Lion’s Head? I don’t recommend Karting or Paintball just yet – it can be disastrous even for committed relationships… might be a little dangerous for a first date.
    Or you could take her to see your latest play. Ah wait, I can see the problem with that suggestion… what with you having to be on stage and all.


  2. One of my best dates was hiking up Lions Head – we had some snacks, water and then headed to Sea Point for a lekker meal, it was a million years ago. One of the worst was the guy who ate a garlic hamburger and then tried to put his tongue down my throat … eeewwww What about sundownners at Signal Hill or Rhodes Mem? Am I just stuck in being a college student, hey I haven’t been to Cape Town in a very long time and haven’t lived there in 20 years. Are there any comedy clubs? Jazz bars? Sheesh the shy is the limit.


  3. Hhhmmm, tough one there. I must say, I am pretty much into the more relaxing evening out. No wild stuff for me. A long slow dinner and a bit too much alcohol and then watching the sun rise over the mountains or the ocean. If I asked someone out and he said as long as it’s exciting, he would probably scare me away. Good luck KN, hope you have a good time. And well done for asking her!


  4. Miss Cellania: Noooo pressure. Nope. Nada. None.

    anne: A bit like the Paris driving experience.

    Terri: Paragliding might do the trick, although I wonder if getting her to sign an indemnity form on the first date is the kind of tone I want to set. With regard to the play, exciting isn’t the first word that leaps to mind.

    Tammy: Yick. That garlic burger episode must have left a scar.

    Lee: Oh yes.

    Just Me: Ah, but it’s the brief moments of terror that makes long dull interludes all the sweeter.

    IITQ: Oh yes.


  5. Don’t you have a damn roller coaster anywhere? Or, how about a nice skinny dip? Or go to the zoo and jump in with the polar bears.

    Checked out more of your most-humorous competition again today. Dull city, you win again.


  6. That was brave of you to ask her out. Too bad she already had to place conditions on your date, though.

    You should make her pay for making such a superficial request by taking her bungee or cliff diving. Scare the crap out of her.


  7. I think you’ll do just fine! Although Lee’s suggestion does hold alot of weight… You are creative, you’ll think of something. I hear the Dull Men’s Club is the hip and happenin’ thing now.


  8. My idea of exciting… hmm. Naah can’t say that on live internet. Haha. Nervous laugh. Uhmm. Sheesh I don’t know – one person’s exciting could be another’s yawn. So no help here I’m afraid KN. Last time I was actually on a date was a VERY long time ago.

    PS: Does she read blogs? hehe


  9. sophie: We used to have something like that. It was called the Suicide Club, but for some reason, membership kept dropping off.

    Snake: Dammit, who’s stealing my dull thunder? This is intolerable.

    Phoenix: I’m definitely leaning in that direction [evil chuckle].

    Brian the Mennonite: But of course.

    andrea: Shocked? But that’s how we get little Mennonites.

    LiVEwiRe: Watch this space, Cap’n.

    Caroline: What? Feed her as well? I think not!

    Bee: It’s fine, we know all about you and your quilting obsession. No need to be shy. I don’t know if she reads blogs. I hope not.


  10. “usually only after I’d taken off my trousers…”

    That humor award should DEFINATELY go to you!! You had me in stiches. Oh god, I’m still giggling…


  11. Caroline: Okay. An ice-cream then, but that’s my final offer.

    Mandy J Watson: Dozens, at any rate

    Elize: I’ll have to make sure the the altimeter’s working beforehand.

    Ol’ Hoss: Nice Dali-esque image there.

    juliana: Fortunately, I can lick my eyebrows ;p


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