The further adventures of Dullman

Sadly, it ends badly – such is the nature of Tragedy. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the in-between bits don’t have to be amusing. After all, Hamlet is an absolute hoot if done properly – at least, until they get to the part where everyone drops dead…

In truth, I have no idea where this is headed, but I’ve been wracking my brains and girding my loins – or vice versa, which may explain one or two things, but I digress. It occurred to me that Ms Eyecandy’s challenge may just have been a creative way of telling me to perform an auto-procreative exercise, so I decided to call her bluff.

Well, colour me surprised when I received a text message yesterday afternoon saying, “Your proposal is acceptable, you studly stud of great studliness”. More or less. I paraphrased a bit towards the end.

Consequently, this coming Monday we descend into the sewers to hunt alligators*.

*paragliding – thanks Terri


18 thoughts on “The further adventures of Dullman

  1. So let me get this right you are taking off your trousers to feed the aligators icecream from a paraglider – sounds like a date not to be missed!

    And how can you go wrong with blogland behind you….

    And even word veri is trying to help with its suggestion joezu….


  2. Oh my word.

    I certainyl hope that you’re not setting expectations that every date will be of that level of excitement.

    Otherwise your insurance premiums will be going up as you go skydiving on the second date, scuba diving on the third, cliff diving in Acapulco on the fourth, etc.

    Good Luck!!


  3. Paragliding?? You go! Definitely not in the bylaws of the Dullmans Club! I agree with the questioner–she is not expecting something like this on a regular basis, is she??


  4. paragliding sounds like fun, does she know how exciting its going to be for you and for blogland to read all the comments and remarks that come out of us reliving your date vicariously through your posts…


  5. anne: I can see it so vividly πŸ™‚

    Caroline: Yeah, I’m so cool I crap ice-cream.

    It is the question: That remains to be seen. Good ideas, though [takes notes].

    sophie: I won’t tell the committee of the DMC if you don’t.

    Reluctant Nomad: Couldn’t have put it better myself πŸ™‚

    OldHorsetailSnake: Damn! (a few lightweight 5-pounders)

    angel: Assuming that I make it back in one piece, of course.


  6. So it was only ‘semi great studliness’? The nerve! Then again, wracking ones loins could also make for an interesting time in the future. Just something to keep in mind. πŸ˜‰


  7. To whatalotoffun: You’ll never catch up. I started reading in the summer and I’ve given up. To Kyknoord: With all these good vibes propping you up, if you fail in this you’ll only have yourself to blame! (Not trying to put pressure on or anything…) Whichever way it goes I’m sure we’ll get plenty of entertaining reading value from it. Break a leg! (maybe that’s the wrong choice of words in this instance)


  8. Glad my suggestion came in handy.
    I can’t believe you went for it.
    You’re not scared of heights then? Oh no, I remember now – it’s just spiders that give you the heebies, innit?

    I look forward to reading your post on Tuesday πŸ™‚


  9. LiVEwiRe: Oh come on, I only have room for one thought at a time in here.

    Dr O2: Too shocked? Then my work here is done.

    Spookie: That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    whatalotoffun: Thanks, on both counts

    andrea: You’ve given up? I want my ‘OSOTM Number One Fan’ tee-shirt back.

    Terri: Terri, I’m scared of everything: Spiders, the dark, cotton wool, marshmallows, Tuesdays – the list is endless. Fear of heights is very run-of-the-mill compared to the ambient level of terror in my life.

    The Phoenix: Sorry, I have other plans.


  10. What were you thinking? No, sorry couldn’t resist. Just kidding. You are going to make one helluva impression on this lady. If all else fails, the brown pants will come in handy!!–>


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