Motivational speaking

The other night at rehearsals we received our Stern Talking To. This is when the designated wielder of the big stick (usually the stage manager or production secretary or both) tells the members of the cast that they are completely crap and the production is doomed (DOOMED! I TELL YOU!) unless we get our act together and all start pulling in the same direction etc. etc.

This is done in the mistaken belief that it will shock us into understanding the Seriousness Of The Situation, or galvanise us into Redoubling Our Efforts or something. Quite predictably, it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference, but it’s Traditional. Nonetheless, they can take solace in the fact that we are all superb actors, because not a single one of us rolled our eyes heavenward during the entire farcical episode.

I kind of tuned out about halfway through, because I was going through my mental checklist in preparation for Monday:

* Warm jacket – check
* Lace-up shoes – check
* Anti-nausea pills – check
* Last Will & Testament – check
* Brown pants – double check


22 thoughts on “Motivational speaking

  1. I remember those talks 🙂 Course I haven’t been on stage since I was a teenager in the local junior drama society, and I think we took those talks a little too seriously. Because we were young, innocent, and quite possibly stupid.


  2. Yip, I think you remembered everything – lemme check again…..

    Yip it’s all there. Mmmm, you sound a bit nervous for some reason, can’t think why….?


  3. Mandy J Watson: Won’t need it. I intend to keep my eyes firmly shut.

    Caroline: I call dibs on Daedalus.

    whatalotoffun: Sure! You want the seventeen tons of manure, or my Dolly Parton LP collection?

    fence: “…young, innocent, and quite possibly stupid…” Oh man, I’m suffering from creative collapse, here. There are just only so many ways to say “That is so completely hilarious”

    Banquo: Scared? Moi?


  4. LOL. nervous twitch – check

    Im sure you’ll be fine. You’re trained for these things… I had to Karaoke in front of 100+ people last Fri eve… I almost died!


  5. The important thing about your will is who you leave this blog to – make sure someone can tell us the outcome… no matter what (even if you are taking the Daedalus role…)


  6. And since it sounds like she’ll be getting what she wants out of this date (i.e. excitement) then hopefully you’ll get what you want (i.e. also excitement I guess)… which means you forgot something else off your list 😉


  7. whatalotoffun: Depends what you do with it.

    tripeak: I knew I’d forgotten something vital.

    Tammy: I’ve looked into those policies and it’s all a load of bullshit – they don’t actually bring you back to life. Instead, they give a pile of money to someone else after you’re dead. What’s the point of that?

    anne: And here I thought I was being subtle.

    Caroline: My final legacy: Uncertainty. Just think, I’ll be the Shroedinger’s Cat of the Blogosphere.

    Terri: You sayin’ I’m easy?

    Ol’ Hoss: Well I do have a mystique to maintain here.

    Juliana: Piece of cake!


  8. I am not so sure if that is what Terri meant, but I must say I like the way you think. If I didn’t have such a problem with heights, I would have wished it was me going with you. Have a blast and I hope you both enjoy this to the full.


  9. You? Not paying attention to the seriousness of the pre-production ‘pep talk’?! Bah! Brown pants – nice touch. Make sure to take an anti-diahreal as well. Or at the very least pick brown pants with cuffs… it could get ugly…


  10. hehe, that’s exactly what I meant KN… ok now it’s monday night already WHERE ARE THE GORY DETAILS???
    Or does the lateness of your post mean it went really, really well…?

    hehe, you’re fun to tease😀


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