Sound and fury

Tandem paragliding. Let me see if I can give you an idea of how I felt:


“Relax”, counseled the pilot. “Now that we have your helmet on, we can strap you into the rest of the rig and we’ll be airborne shortly”.

Actually, it was a piece of old schwarzwaldkuchen. Now that I know how unbelievably easy it is, I’m a bit embarrassed by how apprehensive I was at first. I mean, it’s not like skydiving where you have that all-important ‘is the sodding thing going to open or not?’ moment, because with paragliding, the canopy blossoms above you in all its glory before you even leave the ground. The only thing you need to worry about is screwing up the take-off and ending up in a prickly shrub (and having to pull thorns out of your backside for the rest of the day). This seldom happens.

The flight was – words fail me here, but ‘tranquil’ or ‘serene’ convey something of the essence. The view when you’re whizzing past the pointy bit of Lion’s Head is pretty damned spectacular, too. Now that’s a side of the mountain I could get used to very easily*.

So what else can I tell you? Ah yes – the date. After all the initial excitement, it tapered off rather tamely towards the end, with a chaste hug and a promise to “stay in touch”. All together now, “Boo! Hiss!” The thing is, we’re so entirely different from one another that the chemistry simply wasn’t there. If I’m Eeyore with a god complex, then she’s Tigger on speed. Not exactly a match made in heaven.

* If you ever find yourself in this part of the world, you might want to give Stef of Para-pax a call and see for yourself (and no, he isn’t paying me for this).


24 thoughts on “Sound and fury

  1. Tigger on speed sounds scary!

    But Eeyore with a God complex sounds pretty hard to handle too… though the picture of Eeyore paragliding is just too good!


  2. Oh, Eeyore, never mind. Tiggers are just too much for you anyway. You may have to go through a few of those before you find your…. well, Eeyor-ess (???).

    Glad you enjoyed the paragliding though, it is something I would like to try – someday – not in the very near futur.


  3. Caroline: Nonsense! I’m a pussycat – well okay, maybe an ocelot.

    Fence: Excellent! [Rubs hands].

    Tammy: It could be worse still – I could be Pooh in pants.

    Spookie: Hey, it’s one of those things. Life, you know?


  4. First off, yay you for doing it!
    Second, yay you for, you know, doing it.
    And last (and oh so not least), Eeyore rules. Make him proud.


  5. Woo hoo! Well done on not, like, breaking your neck or anything.
    Bummer ’bout the chemistry thing, but at least now you have an interesting story to tell your next date 🙂


  6. Hey KN, I just had a browse through your flickr pics for the first time. Very nice! I have a favour to ask since u take such nice photos of flowers… will u take a nice one of a frangipani and post it for me to look at pleeeez?
    I REALLY miss frangipani’s!
    We tried to bring a slip over last time we were in SA but it died of cold here 😦


  7. Oh bad luck KN (on the chemistry thang). But WTG on the paragliding! I am VERY scared of heights so that would not have been my ideal date. Tigger on speed also sounds a trifle initimidating. Better luck next time?


  8. Yup, I can’t imagine eeyore and tigger going out on a date. But at least you 1) asked her out and 2) went hand gliding. Always look on the bright side.


  9. whatalotoffun: To quote Yoda once again, “Do, or not do. There is no try”.

    anne: It’s my goal in life.

    The Phoenix: Maybe if he had god complex?

    Terri: Not exactly surprising. After all, franipanis are tropical plants and don’t do too well a few degrees shy of the Arctic Circle. [Mental note: stop using the leaf-blower on the fragipani in the garden – at least long enough to take a decent photo].

    Bee: Hey look, I could be wrong. Although I’m not the worst judge of people, I’m not the best, either. We certainly like one another, but I just didn’t seem to get a spark off her.

    Reluctant Nomad: I’m going to ride the current a bit and see where it takes me.

    juliana: And always use eye protection when looking directly into the sun 🙂

    Brian the Mennonite: So that’s why I felt like I was being watched…


  10. I thinks it’s great that you went on a date, even though it didn’t turn out all romantical and stuff. You put yourself out there and didn’t die of embarrassment or anything like that. I think you would be a cool date. I’ve never been paragliding. Good for you K!

    Eeyore rules!


  11. I looked at your flickr too – I just love the kitties!!! I had a beautiful green eyed baby. But a year ago this month I had to give her away cause we moved to a place that doesn’t allow animals – except children – and we had no idea until we went to sign the contract. I miss her terribly, I will put a few photos of her on my blog one day.


  12. OK KN next time I will go with you.My friend bungi at Bloukrans Bridge (the highest bungi 261m) last year.He was hungover that morning when he jumped.He had to jumped because the previous night he was all big mouth to say he will jump he is not scared. But walking down the brigde to were you have to jump from just let you stop in your tracks. Well he had to jump everything was paid for by his friend so he did it. He said it was terrific he will do it again.


  13. Dating? Paragliding?
    Gees, you think you know a guy…
    I’m back online, and looking forward to keeping up with your airborne social life. At least you got to be close to the instructor 🙂


  14. Love the comparison of Eeyore and Tigger. Doesn’t seem to be a match at all….LOL

    I have always wanted to paraglide. Do they strap you in or do you have to hang on for dear life – or is it both?


  15. Anduin: Thanks A 🙂 I would take you dancing, of course (if you weren’t married, on the other side of the world, etc. etc.)

    Spookie: There’s hope yet. If your complex is anything like mine, the ‘no pets’ rule usually encourages the neigbourhood cats to turn the place into their public playground.

    whatalotoffun: The problem with bungee jumping is that I don’t own a brown shirt.

    scott: Yup. Takes me back to my army days…

    kenju: You strap in, kick back and relax.


  16. Now that is an exciting date! Just caught up with your last few posts. Seems I missed a lot of good stuff! Well, minus the “no chemistry” thing. But it sounds like you made a friend regardless!



  17. Does that mean you’re single and available? I’m always on the look-out for presentable escorts. I’d give you plenty of notice so you could book convenient flights.


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