Dear Kyknoord…

Lately a lot of people have been confiding in me about their troubled relationships. Fortunately, they aren’t after advice (after all, that would be a bit like asking a vegetarian for tips on how best to baste the Sunday roast) but they do seem to draw comfort from the fact that I am able to understand something of their turmoil.

It certainly seems as if an ocean of discontent seethes beneath the facade of apparent bliss that many couples show to the world. Then again, maybe I just happen to know a lot of pissed-off people. Hmm…

In other news, I am once again a taggee. Lucky me. I thought I’d put a slightly different spin on it by only giving my answers and not the questions. You’ll have to visit ShutterJane to find those, but it’s fun to try and guess. So here we go – in order:

Oats * Power surges * French kisses * Aliens * Pretty much everything except French kisses * Breathe in, breathe out * Live forever * The bastard who keeps stealing my newspaper * 1 and 0 * Black – oh wait, that’s not a colour, is it? * Lord Vader, Love Muscle or Dubya * Mom & Dad * An aura of calm * The Bear Went Over The Mountain – same as EVERY day * Collecting dust * Jennifer Connolly’s boudoir * I don’t think about sex ALL the time * Yeah, yeah, you know the drill – if you wanna, then just do it!


18 thoughts on “Dear Kyknoord…

  1. What do you bathe in?
    What natural disaster wouldn’t you wish on your worst enemy?
    What would you not want your coworkers to give you as a leaving present?
    What’s your favorite Bill Paxton movie?
    What would you ask of god, were you to meet him?
    What do you try not to forget to do?
    What achievement do you intend to carry out?
    What do you call your other personality?

    Damn, that’s one long meme. How’m I doing so far?


  2. I recognise this one its the Pet Meme.

    What do you feed your pet?
    What do you call your pet?
    How does your pet ask for food?
    What’s your pet’s favourite toy?
    What does your pet do that you’d rather it didn’t?
    What does your pet do that you really like?
    What is the average life expenctancy of this type of pet?
    Who has your pet bitten recently?
    How many eyes and teeth does your pet have?
    What colour is your pet?
    If you have more than one pet of this type what are the others names?
    Who looks after your pet when you are away?


  3. Dear Kyknoord, just thought I would let you know I canged my name to SPOOKIE again. It takes me a while to figure out all this blogging stuff cause I’ve only been doing it for a while.


  4. Siddharth: It’s ALL good.

    forgottenmachine: Doesn’t it just?

    anne: Very close, especially “What do you call your other personality?”

    Caroline: As you say – etc.

    Spookie: I don’t mind what you call yourself, but that’s Just Me.

    Reluctant Nomad: Bruce Banana has a nice ring to it.


  5. I think every relationship has issues, its funny my husband used to say how he loved someone’s house or how he wished he could earn what XYZ did, I would always tell him you don’t get one part of the picture you have to take the whole story, it means you have to have his friends, sleep with his wife, and follow his path to be where that person is today. There are things I would love to change in my relationship but at the end of the day I think accepting our differences and not wanting him or me to be anyone other then wo we are is what keeps us together.

    Its funny it the same old adage, women marry men expecting them to change and men marry women expecting them to change.


  6. Was that a “Phone lifeline, they care” that I heard there?
    lol! Just teasing (it’s so much fun!)

    Bet u got a big kick out of imagining all us eejits clicking backwards and forwards between the 2 sites trying to figure out which answers went with which questions…oh, it was just me that did that? Right, so, carry on then…


  7. tripeak: Yes, well – we try.

    Tammy: Odd, the expression I heard was, “women want one man to fulful their every need, while men want every woman to fulfil their one need”.

    Terri: You cut me deep, Shrek. Reeeal deep.


  8. Perhaps you can do a Agony Aunty advice column.

    Dear Aunty KN,

    there is this oke i smaak stukkend. he tuned me he smaaks me vokkall. what do you think i should do.

    Brittannii in Bellville




  9. Dear Kyknoord,
    Yesterday my wife left for a girl’s weekend out with her four sisters. Today, as I was giving lunch to my children, I noticed a pile of her rings which she left behind on the counter beside the microwave, including her engagement ring, wedding band, and promise ring. Should I be concerned?
    Curious in Canada.


  10. Brittannii: I skiem he’s asking for a snot-klap. One time!

    Tammy: Men! They’re such babies.

    Terri: Better than never & my pleasure ;->

    Curious: Not at all. The time to be concerned is when she takes her rings along to pawn to pay for her filthy weekend away. But FOUR sisters in law? You poor bastard!


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