The ravelled sleeve of care

It seems to take forever for my brain to reboot when I first wake up. Must be running Windows XP up there. Luckily, my body seems to have sufficient residual muscle-memory to get me up and about before my higher brain functions kick in.

Owing to an unfortunate conjunction of events this weekend, I was only able to squeeze in four hours of sleep between Friday night’s performance and my Saturday morning radio slot. Consequently, I emerged from the murky morass of semi-consciousness to find myself staggering to the bathroom muttering my usual early-morning-after-late-night mantra, “self-inflicted wound. self-inflicted wound”. As I examined the haggard visage that stared back at me resentfully from the mirror, I reflected (Ahaha!) on how peculiar it was that sleep only seems to be refreshing in retrospect – generally after the first jolt of caffeine hits the bloodstream.

This is probably why the Resurrection took three days. There was no coffee in the tomb.


18 thoughts on “The ravelled sleeve of care

  1. There may have been no caffeine in there but there may have been cocaine there. Some years back, I saw a documentary on Egypt in the time of the pharaohs and traces of cocaine had been found in some of the mummies. Extraordinary find as cocaine comes from S America and there was (is?) no evidence to link S America with Egypt of that time.


  2. > This is probably why the Resurrection took three days. There was no coffee in the tomb.

    Bwa! It’s funny and sacreligious!

    It’s funnyligious!


  3. tripeak: It’s a bummer not to be a teenager.

    anne: Yeah, yeah. What you said. I’m sure I put a link up at some stage. It’s probably buried in the archives somewhere.

    andrea: That’s cool. As long as you don’t want me to join your cult.

    Reluctant Nomad: It sounnds to me like one of the researchers may have had a little ‘habit’ and may have inadvertently contaminated the sample.

    Lee: Oh yes, it doesn’t get any better than that.

    Caroline: That depends. I don’t drink, so I wasn’t hung-over – just exhausted.

    The Phoenix: Decaf? Ahahahahah! You are so right!

    Terri: The show’s not doing too badly and the response has been quite positive.

    Tammy: Dunno. I haven’t looked. Still, I doubt liver pills will do much to combat lack of sleep.


  4. Spookie: Indeed. A stay of execution only helps a bit.

    whatalotoffun: I try not to do it too often. Still, it’s good to give the ol’ brain a shake-up from time to time.

    Reluctant Nomad What? She dropped her cigarettes into the sample, too? Seriously though, sample contamination can be a major headache. I remember getting some weird ‘organic trace’ results back from a lab. Further investigation revealed that one of the the lab techs was eating his lunch while doing the tests.

    Chitty: TurinShroud.dll was probably corrupted.


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