Also ran

You know those movie posters that splash the words “NOMINATED FOR SEVENTY-THREE* ACADEMY AWARDS” in bold across bottom and then later on, they win absolutely zilch?.

So this is how they must feel.

I mean, runner up? Runner up? For the love of little green apples! That’s like kissing your sister. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Nope. Not me.

* or whatever


31 thoughts on “Also ran

  1. That’s like a Miss South Africa pageant. You could take a leaf out of the book and have him killed…?
    Also, Somenoone (Best design for a blog) may have it worse than you. The guy won a prize that he himself sponsored apparently. Which to him may feel akin to wanting to get rid of a boomerang by throwing it far far away…


  2. Yeah anne – I do feel like a stupid SOB. I never nominated myself in that category… but as a designer I felt that who ever won that category would appreciate a book which I found inspirational.

    I was actually convinced that my friend or Martin from D2 would step away with the prize – but who ever voted for me – THANKS!

    Kyknoord and Chitty – as surprised as I am by winning… im more surprised that you guys didn’t win. There’s still Media24 and R2500!!


  3. Oh, sweetie, let’s derive consolation from the fact that it is an honour just to have been NOMINATED.

    Ag, who am I kidding?!? We wanted to WIIIIIIN! Crush! Be infinitely cached by Google and other assorted search engines as A*W*A*R*D W*I*N*N*E*R*S!

    At least you PLACED.

    NOT that I’m a sore loser or anything, I say as I sight along the barrel of my AK.


  4. anne: Sounds like a plan. Still, I reckon tripeak’s win was well deserved, despite the boomerang prize scenario.

    Spookie: And now you do πŸ™‚

    Chitty: I detest running.

    tripeak: See comment to Anne, above. I’m not going to hold my breath about the News24 thing, though.

    Caroline: I couldn’t. It was held last night & I was on stage at the time.

    red: This is true. While it was indeed an honour to be nominated (thank you, I love you all *mwah* *mwah*), I had such big plans for that R20-06. Regarding the R2500, take tripeak is referring to this


  5. I feel ripped off! I’m never running another election camgaign again if that’s how it turns out. If it helps I know the heartache — no, the *agony* of being an also-ran. I’d say we need to go for a drink — except you don’t.


  6. Well, I can safely say… the voting was rigged, the voting was rigged!!!! Ok, now that I have that out of my system… I’d have much preferred to see your name listed first (and some of the others, I might add), we all do. Perhaps this ‘Oceans’ whatever person paid people to vote… I seem to see their name in just about every category. Suspicious. My favorites being bumped out by them ensures that I shall not visit their site. Never I say! And in some circles, kissing you sister is a good thing…


  7. Why is it everytime I stop by this blog-thing to see if there is a new post, and there is, that there’s already at least a dozen comments?

    Do the rest of your readers, kyknoord, have the inside scoop as to when you post? Or is it because I’m on a time delay being in America and all?

    Runner up isn’t like kissing your sister. It’s more like a kissing a cute girl who you find out is your step sister, so you keep going at it anyways. Now third place, that’s kissing your sister.


  8. My condolences…but really, what does it amount to anyway?! You will still be the same guy and we will still thoroughly enjoy being here. And now for some of those green apples of which you spoke…yummy.


  9. Tertia: Yup. Tough room.

    Nomad: With all those attributes, I could be mixed singles champion, too.

    Mandy: I knew I could count on you, although I think the word you’re looking for is ‘whiner’.

    andrea: It’s a miserable business innit?

    Tammy: On a scale of one to Hoover, this rates an Electrolux.

    LiVEwiRe: Clearly you’ve never met my sister.

    Bryan: It’s probably the time-zone thing. Either that, or you’ve been sidetracked by contemplating the relative merits of sister-kissing.

    WretchedToad: One of those things. said…

    3T: DAHling, you just make my day.

    Brian: Yes, best focus on the important stuff. Or something.

    Hoss: Me too.


  10. Well, I voted for you, no thanks required. Still, the 2oceans thing isn’t a blog. Same issue as last year. Anyway, As they say in the classics, better to come second than not to come at all πŸ˜‰


  11. ROTFL.

    (BTW I actually posted in my blog today if anyone cares. I received a complaint a few days ago that I hadn’t, not that that person reads this blog (AFAIK – sorry KN), but I’m just saying. You know. Because I can.)


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