The write stuff

Occasionally, I like to do a bit of writing (Not Writing, you understand – just common or garden writing), because it can be an enjoyable and relaxing diversion. Consequently, when the mood strikes during lunchtime, I have no hesitation in indulging my urge to tap out semantic symphonies on my PC*.

The primary drawback to this is that when I’m hammering away furiously at my keyboard, people assume that I must be ‘on the clock’. The fact that I would want to take a break around midday to relax, swallow a bit of nourishment and do my own thing seems to be a concept too foreign for my colleagues to absorb. If I don’t hide under the desk, I often end up having to deal with one pointless query after another. “Piss off, it’s lunchtime!” mumbled around a mouthful of apple only results in a furrowed brow accompanied by the inevitable puzzled semi-question, “Oh, you weren’t working?” and doesn’t actually seem to get rid of the bastards.

It is therefore no coincidence that the majority of my ‘angry’ entries tend to be posted in the early afternoon.

* Oh man, sometimes I’m so pretentious I could just shit!


17 thoughts on “The write stuff

  1. How about putting on a pair of industrial size headphones (Highly viisble ones is what I mean – no need to have any noise playing) – it might make the message that you aren’t available clearer… I knew some people who used this tactic and it seemed to work… but you do need to make sure that you take them off when you are ready to be assulted, I mean interupted…


  2. Heh. I have the luxury of closing my door cause I have my own office. People are usually not keen on coming in when my door is closed cause we all usually have our doors open all the time. So when I want some time to write, read, eat something or whatever, I just close my door.


  3. I can verify the headphones advice – it does work. And what do you mean pretentious… your semantic symphonies usually make my day in one way or another. If that is pretentious, well, knock yourself out.


  4. You are the Bach of Blogland, KN πŸ˜‰
    I normally scare people away with a mere dirty look – apparently I have a really expressive face, and sometimes the F-off look puts in a violent appearance before I can stop it.
    Has its uses though, I must say.


  5. Sad, hey? Also, blogging while the company tclock is ticking makes you jump when anyone enters the room.
    I always leave the shop at lunchtime.


  6. anne:They’ll have to find me first. I have a big desk.

    Caroline: I’m not sure the Princess Leia look works for me.

    Spookie: I can also close my door, but it doesn’t have a lock, so all that happens is my workmates either a) open it to see why it’s closed and then do the whole “While I have your attention…” thing, or b) just knock and enter, because they believe a few taps on the door automatically gives them leave to interrupt me.

    Katt: Ah Katt, you’re too kind. You’ve just made my day.

    3T: Eloquent is good. I’ll take a dozen.

    Terri: I’m going to have to hump your leg now. You realise that, don’t you?

    scott: It’s beginning to look like I have no choice.


  7. Chitty: It sounds like the fungus that grows in unused jacket pockets.

    tripeak: Hey, what you do behind closed doors is entirely your own affair.

    Nomad: A prandial rant post, maybe?


  8. “Garden” writing?! You know what that brings to mind…lol. I think you should hang a sign on your door, PC, or forehead that says ‘Out To Lunch’; whichever is more appropriate. =)


  9. so erm…when’s the next lunch time post? Preferably just after you’ve had a little ‘discussion’ with the ex-missus…heeheehee.


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