Artistic license

Allow me to direct your attention to the ‘small art‘ button in the sidebar. This is a link to Andrea Pratt’s on-line art emporium, where fans (like me) who have money (unlike me) can purchase their very own Andrea Pratt originals. Why are you still reading this? Click, dammit!

Membership of the (unofficial) Andrea Pratt Fan Club is completely free, so if you want to decorate your sidebar in a similar manner, you can contact Andrea here.

6 thoughts on “Artistic license

  1. I realised after I sent you the HTML that you needed greyscale, so when I came here and was assaulted by colour, I was surprised. Thank you, KN, for the much-needed plug. I was lying awake at 5 a.m. stressing, wondering how to increase traffic to this site (and how to get the moss out of my lawn, pay the VISA bill, fit a whale in the bathtub, etc.) so this can only help! BTW, the random colour block is very cool. Now I just have to figure out how to view *that* in greyscale and all the mysteries of the world will be solved…


  2. I’ve already been there and bought the T-Shir, er, I mean the painting. 🙂
    I don’t have any money either, but my kids have been really nasty this week, so I used their allowances to affort Andrea’s art. Sorry kids, better luck next week.


  3. Spookie: And you shall have a gold star!

    andrea: The greyscale serves to emphasise the thing in colour. I very much doubt it will solve all the mysteries in the world, but I’ll forward you the instructions on how to decode the Random Colour Block.

    Brian: A valuable life lesson. They’ll thank you later.

    angel: Don’t we all?

    Chitty: Drop me a line on my Gmail address (scroll down past the archives) and I’ll send it to you. Alternatively, do the right click and ‘Save target as’ thing on this link.


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