One of my tasks in the company I work for is to beat my colleagues over the head – metaphorically speaking, of course* – when they fall foul of the organisation’s quality management system. Yes, extremely glamorous, I know.

The system has been updated, so I am I am busy putting together a revised audit checklist. It’s a bit like being in church, because not only is it one of the most brain-crushingly boring activities in the history of time, but it also makes me feel vaguely guilty.

I am aware of what the system requirements are in general terms, but in combing through the system documentation, I reminded of the specifics (When selling employee’s souls to the Devil, the project Leader must use standard form # 666…). However, since auditing isn’t my sole function here, I am also reminded that I’m supposed to be doing the same things my colleagues are supposed to be doing.

Hence the guilt – because I’m not.

* although there are often times when I yearn to get literal, if you catch my drift.

14 thoughts on “Enlisted

  1. “I yearn to get literal”, huh? Adding impure thoughts to the list of your sins, I see. The road to redemption isn’t going to be a flowery path for you, I can tell.


  2. My sister-in-law’s ‘field’ is quality management…very worthy stuff but oh-so-B.O.R.I.N.G!!!!

    She’s short and dumpy and busty and napoleonic in appearance…yes, just the right sort of person to hammer quality into reluctant employees.

    Are you also a bit like that? 🙂


  3. anne: I’m hoping the road to heaven is paved with bad intentions.

    Nomad: I’m more like Catbert than Napoleon.

    whatalotoffun: Okay, I’m going to explain this one more time…

    Chitty: It’s a total pain in the bum. The annoying part is that it doesn’t have to be, but getting engineers to work to procedure is like herding cats.


  4. .
    We work like a horse.
    We eat like a pig.
    We like to play chicken.
    You can get someone’s goat.
    We can be as slippery as a snake.
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    People try to buffalo others.
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    We can be as proud as a peacock.
    A few of us are as hairy as a gorilla.
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    We can be a lone wolf.
    But I’m having a whale of a time!

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    A time to scatter stones
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  5. Sounds a bit like the Health & Safety course I did last week – the guilt bit I mean!

    “You should be doing this, you shouldn’t do that. Have these audits been completed weekly, have these audits been done 6 monthly, etc, etc”

    The worst bit was “you are responsible for your employees.”


  6. guilt? is that what i feel when i picture my clients faces on the treadmill at the gym?!?! squish… squash… scrunch… squish! heehee, then i have the people waiting in the queue looking at me funny when i can’t walk for laughing!


  7. Don’t you just hate it when you type this really long insightful comment but then you have to log in and then you realise the fountain of wise words has disappeared and you have to start typing all over again but you can never quite recapture the brilliance and pure eloquence of the initial comment? *sigh*


  8. andrea: Rocks, spam – a rose by any other name…

    DelBoy: Those Health & Saftety courses are the worst. Most of the ones I’ve attended have been presented by private companies, so the main thrust has been “If you employ us, we’ll sort out all your problems. If you don’t, you’re DOOMED!”

    Tammy: Let me know if it works.

    angel: That would explain why laughter was the best medicine, not the best exercise.

    Lyn: Yes.

    LiVEwiRe: LOL. You can, but then they make you do it twice.

    Spookie: You be sure to tell us if you find one.


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