I went for a walk yesterday. Not, I hasten to add, on the wild side, but through the neighbourhood. On the other side of the mountain – of course. It wasn’t long before I became accustomed to the meandering rhythm required to navigate the urban obstacle course of doggie-do, vagrant vomit and random refuse, so my mind was also free to wander. Naturally, I wondered as I wandered:

– They say misery loves company – does this explain why there are so many corporate drones?
– If money makes the world go round, could we reverse the rotation by turning our wallets over?
– Why do they put indicators on BMWs?
– Did clouds have silver linings before the introduction of cloud seeding*?
– How come there aren’t more super-heroes in Cape Town?
– If “all the world’s a stage”, why do we bother with theatre and where does the oyster come in?
– If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, where are all the spaceships that brought us here?
– James Blunt?
– Why do we call them ‘deadlines’ when we aren’t actually allowed to kill the people who miss them?
– Would astrophysicists be less obsessed with the Big Bang if they got laid more often?

* it would take too long to explain


25 thoughts on “Imponderables

  1. James Blunt is a mystery to me too. But maybe it’s just me – I didn’t get the whole Bruce I’m-singing-with-a-lot-of-marbles-in-my-mouth Springsteen thing either.


  2. Spookie: Are you sure the spinning effect isn’t a consequence of hitting your skull on the headboard during ‘the act’?

    Perfect Wound: If you come up with any answers, you be sure to let us know.

    anne: And I presume they took their capes with them.

    Tammy: Hah! Prove it!

    Beastarzmom: If you play Bruce Springsteen records backwards, you hear him singing clearly.

    3T: Unless you’re being laid in your grave. For most people, that’s pretty much a one-time affair.


  3. As usual you paint a glowing picture of your neighbourhood and an even more glowing picture of the workings of your mind. Who needs a brush when you have all that beauty at hand?


  4. something to think about when i’m going to sleep tonight…

    BTW, i tagged you- feel free to ignore it if you can’t like tagging… or if you’ve done it before!


  5. If you have a strong belief in god, then the explanation for The Blunt is simple; he’s a test.

    If on the other hand you think the devil has more of an influence, well. That explains a lot.

    Personally, I blame all those buyers of Bluntian cds. Are they insane? Am I insulting the genuine crazy people by suggesting they’d purchase The Blunt?


  6. andrea: A brush and pan might be more useful. By the way, if you spot my mind anywhere, please e-mail it back to me. It’s still out wandering.

    LiVEwiRe: A futile exercise. He’s everywhere.

    angel: It’s on my ‘to do’ list (right after Jennifer Connolly).

    Fence: Clarity – finally! Incidentally, poor judgement and insanity are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


  7. In a recent survey in NME (Music Magazine) James Blunt came top in both “Most Liked” and “Most Hated” Album of the Year.

    Figure that one out!

    PS: “Deadline” is also a boundary line in a prison that prisoners can cross only at the risk of being shot!


  8. I still think the ancient mayan ritual should be revived where the losing team in a game of _____ (insert name of sport) has to offer up one of their players.

    Is this comment off-topic? Maybe I should rather go with “getting laid more”


  9. tripeak: I think Fence has hit the nail on the head.

    whatalotoffun: Yup. The Blunt definitely needs to release some of that tension.

    DelBoy: It’s obvious, he’s an agent of both the divine and the diabolical.

    Esther: Off-topic? Bang-on, I would say.

    Flo: Dunno. I always kind of assumed that those orangey things in the tail clusters were… but you make a good point.

    Caroline: Of course, some astrophysicists would be wrong. The universe is too young to go steady.

    Reluctant Nomad: Actually, DA rounded it up from 41.99987423851. This is why many of the decisions we make are ever so slightly wrong.


  10. and what’s the deal with;
    superfluous nipples for men?

    Paris Hilton?

    almost all of our sperm is designed to block, attack and kill other sperm? Hmmm rhetorical

    Why didn’t all humans just stay with Mitochondrial Eve in Africa 150,000 years ago?

    Why don’t we say double v


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