After an ignominious defeat in the SA Blog Awards, The other side of the mountain has managed to take 1st place in the Great South African Blog-Off competition (Eat my dust, 2Oceansvibe – you’ll have to win the other one another 248 times to catch up now). Huzzah! Drinks are on me*.

One thing troubles me, though. It’s a cash prize, but according to the competition rules, “prizes may not be converted into cash”, which seems to be something of a Zen-like conundrum to me.

* Although you’ll have to attend the opening night of Wuthering Heights at the Masque to take advantage of my generosity. I’ll be lurking somewhere near the bar in the foyer after the performance.


31 thoughts on “Vindication

  1. Congratulations!
    And it’s vindication for us too: it was slightly troubling to think that we might not be reading the very best there is.
    You know.


  2. Congratulations – perhaps since you may not convert the cash into cash that means you have to spend it all in one go and not get any change?


  3. What Anne said, though it was fun to think we had a secret or maybe were thinking outside the box (colouring outside the lines). Now you’ll have to join Britney et al and become a mainstream celeb and we’ll have to hate you.

    …kidding! Congrats. You deserve it.


  4. Ye rich bugger you! Congratulations. Couldn’t have befallen a worthier blog (unless of course it had been mine, but alas… I am doomed to remain obscure for the rest of my days.)

    Don’t forget us when you’re spending all your dough. I shall promptly create a hefty wishlist of goodies I’d like to have from

    But in case you’re too occupied with the trappings of fame, like fielding interviews and calls from more stalkers and love e-mails and dodging the paparazzi, one book for my wishlist that immediately comes to mind is Julia Cameron’s Right To Write.


  5. nicely done dude! i didn’t even get a mention… and if that list of “other entrants” was in any kind of order i’m in deep dwang!


  6. Brent & whatalotoffun: Merci.

    anne: It’s good to know that order is restored.

    homo escapeons: Cheers. I think I’ll find a bay tree to rest in for a while.

    Caroline: Well that’s sorted. Now, I’ve been having trouble enumerating the angels on this here pin…

    andrea: I’m much better looking than Britney. Just ask my stalker.

    Pro & Edel: Danke

    redsaid: Would you settle for a pamphlet that says, “Keep left. Pass Right”?

    ilo: Asante sana πŸ˜‰

    angel: You need a stalker to give you that ‘celebrity’ feel and I just happen to have one handy.

    Aquila: Grazie

    It is the question: Obrigado

    DelBoy: Goes without saying – although with the new baby, I’m surprised you find time to read anything at all.

    Tammy: Gracias

    Elize: [Blush] Aw, you guys!

    Melany: It’s a bit like trying to not think of an elephant.


  7. Congratulations KN!!! Wish I could be at the openng for Wuthering Heights – it is, as you know one of my favourites. Who do you play if I may ask?


  8. After reading through your current postings (and their comments) it is easy to see why you won the award. CONGRATULATIONS .
    It makes me proud to be a ‘kaapie’.
    I am definitely adding your blog to my list of daily reads.
    Well Done
    M from CT


  9. Congrats to you! Now this, I feel better about. I no longer have to go around busting kneecaps. As far as the prizes being converted… what kind of a statement is that? Do they just let you look at it on paper or something?


  10. Spookie: Ta and of course you may ask.

    Bee: It’s better than being a No. 2 stalker. That would be quite a shitty job.

    Anon (M from CT): Many thanks. Glad to have you on board – although daily is perhaps a bit optimistic.

    tripeak: I will certainly endeavour to do so.

    realist: You are most kind πŸ™‚

    LiVEwiRe: I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out. Maybe it’s the cash equivalent of an origami swan in potentia?

    Terri: LOL – you are sharp!

    Chitty: Damn! If you can’t figure it out, then we are truly sunk.


  11. So much has been happening in the blogosphere while my laptop has been up the pole. That money could have paid for a proper repairman to look at it but I’m sure a hefty round of drinks will be a worthier cause.


    Did you know you had been nominated? I didn’t even know of the award until you I read about it here.


  12. Reluctant Nomad: Cheers! There were no nominations for this one – you just had to submit your entry and that was that.

    The Tart: Thanks (and it’s Mr, BTW)


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