Circular logic

I once remarked to forgottenmachine over coffee that I wasn’t particularly fond of blogs that were shamelessly self-referential. Ever since those ill-chosen words fell from my lips, I have become acutely aware of just how shamelessly self-referential this blog has become. Let me assure you that the less-than-subtle irony of this entry is not completely lost on me.

I keep thinking that it’s just as well that there are other people who read this, because if I had to read it, I probably wouldn’t read it. This does make sense. Really.

Anyway, the reason I mention all this is because while I was idly perusing my site stats, I gleefully discovered that The other side of the mountain comes in as the number two Google search result for “Exploding Brain Syndrome”.

Man, it doesn’t get any better than this.


23 thoughts on “Circular logic

  1. If you weren’t self-referential it would defeat the purpose of blogging which is, after all is said and done, mental masturbation.
    Now I have a disturbing image of exploding brain syndrome…more coffee…


  2. i missed your article on blowing up brains… that or it blew my memory circuits too much for current recall… or is that everyone points to this blog when giving an example of an exploded one?


  3. Have linked UR shamelessly self-referential bloggy in a post over at my place. What does this make me? Hmm. And I guess U R now infamous in the Lone Star State!

    Big Texas smooch,
    The Tart
    ; )


  4. Ah, but I’ve learned so many things by coming to your blog, like “sprog” and what not.

    My blog tries not to say so much about myself, but in the things that I say, myself is revealed.


  5. In your case Kyknoord? Self-referential is GOOD ! and very well done on your well deserved win. A BMW?
    Im shattered that u had the snip… cant believe ud deprive the world of mini-Kyknoords….
    Stay safe and happy

    CacklinToad :}


  6. Katt: Better than smoking dynamite.

    anne: In time, Anne. In time…

    Fence: Fantastic. EBS goes international.

    homo escapeons: Now I have it. It’s catching!

    Caroline: The entry in question was relatively mundane, but if you’re really interested, all you have to do is Google “Exploding Brain Syndrome” and click on result number two.

    Miss Cellania: Nothing. Someone else did and my site meter picked it up.

    angel: I mean “self-referential” in the sense that the blog refers to the blog itself, rather than the blogger.

    The Tart: I can’t think of a better place to be infamous ;->

    Ol’ Hoss: I’m glad you still manage to get it together afterwards.

    Bryan: You subtle. Me not.

    WretchedToad: To re-iterate, I would think that one of my offspring loose in the world would be sufficient.


  7. I’ve just checked up on you and I’m sad to inform you that you have slipped down from second place…quite a way down.But if you do a google blog search, you’re number 1. πŸ™‚


  8. Elize: Funny, I would have pegged that as ‘Missing Brain Syndrome’.

    Spookie: I’ll add that to my CV immediately.

    Reluctant Nomad: Nao importante, meu amigo. It’s enough to know that I was.

    IITQ: I take it you’ve never heard of the Just Us League?


  9. caroline: My kitchen is about the size of a cigarette carton. I need all the storage space I can get.

    nomad:Hell, no! All I managed to learn during my time in Mozambique was how to order a cheese omelette and ask where the toilet is (usually in that order). Ah well, my 15 minutes was fun while it lasted.


  10. The self referencial aspect of blogging highlights the need for us two legged monkeys to be social.
    when we were hunter gatherers we could dance around the fire at dinner and show off without judgement or condemnation. Now we sit in cars and talk to the windscreen, tap mindlessly at plastic buttons,and can’t express ouselves without being PC or fired.


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