Abdominal acrobatics

I went to a belly dancing show on Friday. Not my regular weekend entertainment (which usually involves such heady activities as toilet bowl scrubbing and laundry), but it was surprisingly enjoyable. Surprising, because choreographed dancing has always occupied a similar category in my mind as weightlifting and fly-fishing: impressive, but pretty damned dull.

And speaking of dull, they really should have fired the emcee who introduced the thing. Her monotonously soporific monologue about the “history” of belly dancing saw many in the audience slump down in their seats and start to nod off. Since I didn’t have a spouse or girlfriend to jab me irritably in the ribs every so often, it was a real struggle for me to stay alert before the show began in earnest.

By contrast, the dancing had much to recommend it. Picture, if you will, a stage filled with sparkly, gauze-bedecked jackhammer wannabes – all shimmying to music that has a similar beat and rhythm to Marilyn Manson’s ‘The New Shit’ – and you’ll have some idea. The only people in the audience who didn’t sit up and take notice were the ones that had already died of boredom during the intro.

Another highly appealing aspect was how strongly the individuality of each dancer came through, particularly in one specific item… Although the two women were performing exactly the same moves, their styles were completely different. The one was as sinuous and graceful as a cobra, while the other looked more like a video clip of a detonating Christmas trifle set on continuous loop.

Can’t wait for the next one.


13 thoughts on “Abdominal acrobatics

  1. Dolce: There’s a movie in there somewhere.

    Katt: My disclaimer and I feel your pain.

    Caroline: So I suppose you don’t have any video clips either.

    homo escapeons: The theatre of the mind isn’t for the weak-willed.


  2. Your wanting to go to the next one has reminded me of how my wife and I used to go watch friends perform at amateure ballroom and latin american dance competitions. She was serious but proficient; he was serious, bumbling and bordering on the incompetent. Watching them do the tango in particular, was absolutely f**king hilarious!! That was the best bit but watching the bitchy young queens escorted by the aging women in lime green tutus was almost as entertaining.

    It’s such fun laughing at others doing the things you’d never have the courage to try. 🙂


  3. I MUST try the bellydancing ~ that gauze-beaded stuff sounds like my kinda thing! Without chit-chat, natch!

    I am sure I will excel at this since I am so bad at spelling & better with visual. ; )

    The Tart


  4. Reluctant Nomad: I used to do ballroom & latin. I thought I recognised you

    anne: Certainly more fun that scrubbing the loo.

    angel: Oops. Medication is in the post.

    Dolce: Dancing or sauce? said…

    Zube Girl: Shake, rattle ‘n’ roll.

    The Tart: Just keep away from exploding desserts and you’ll be fine 😉


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