Feeding the imagination

As a result of the recent Katt / Kyknoord tête-à-tête, Barbedwire suggested that I “…might want to consider a regional ‘Win a Date with Kyknoord’ type of contest…” I thought about this earlier today while the auditor lectured me on the applications of Viagra in the workplace. It might not have been exactly that – I sort of tuned out after the first five minutes – but I do remember him going on about “performance improvement” a lot. Anyway, I have decided to take up Barb’s challenge and run with it – well, except for the mud-wrestling part.

To enter, all you have to do is send a note to my Gmail address* with the words “Date Kyk” in the subject line and a brief (50 words or less) explanation of why you think you should be chosen for this dubious honour.

The Prize:

A meal with Kyknoord at one of the following fine restaurants: Bardelli’s, The Octopus Garden or The Wild Fig (winner’s choice) and a follow-up blog entry with all the gory details of the evening on the other side of the mountain (no choice).

The Rules:

  • The contest opens immediately. Entries close at 12h00 CAT on Tuesday 18 July.
  • Anyone with a valid e-mail address may enter, irrespective of gender, species, age, location or neurotic tendencies.
  • Multiple entries will be treated with the disdain they deserve.
  • Entries will be evaluated on two criteria: entertainment value and originality. No begging.
  • The judges will select five entries that will be posted here sometime before the end of July. I don’t really want to commit myself, because I’m a bit of slack bastard.
  • Voting will open for – oh, I don’t know – let’s say three days, during which time, visitors to this site can cast their vote for the best entry. The names of the finalists will be withheld to keep it fair and to protect the guilty.
  • The winner will be announced here after the votes are counted. Again, no specific time frame, as per Rule 5.
  • Winners will be sworn to secrecy as to my identity, or I will be forced to wear a paper bag on my head to the restaurant. This may be embarassing.
  • The date for ‘The Date’ will by mutual agreement and the winner will have up until the 31st of October 2006 to lay claim to their prize. Transport to & from the restaurant is not included, so this competition openly discriminates against non-Capetonians. Life is hard. Deal with it.

If you want a blinky button for your blog (like the one in the sidebar), you can find the code here (do the right click & ‘save as’ thing). Any and all other forms of advertising will also looked upon with favour and official sanction.

* anyone who can’t find it is automatically disqualified.


48 thoughts on “Feeding the imagination

  1. I’m a bit slack myself (but never a bastard) so I’ll pass on the offer this time. Besides, your frequent flyer miles don’t stretch quite this far methinks. But I will take that blinky thing and advertise you to the skies as a public service. (Servitude is my bag.)


  2. Speaking as a former ‘Win A Date With Kyknoord’ winner, let me say that you have all been presented with an incredible opportunity.

    I have fond memories of that night, and you will find that KN is the perfect gentleman. He is schooled in the art of the witty and insightful conversation, and if you should be lucky enough to end up back at his place, he does make a mean pot of Rooibos…….

    And he has a great collection of to-scale Composers Through The Ages (at retail stores now, first edition R5, thereafter R85). That little 3-inch Bach is just the cutest thing!


  3. Being a resident on ‘the other side of the mountain’ I might just be trying my luck at this… but tell me… who will be judging and can they be swayed by nude pictures (not of myself… those might just make then keel over and die before any decisions are made)


  4. Would first prize include a free flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

    If not, could we save the dinner for an appropriate moment when I find myself in Cape Town on holiday?

    (That’s if I even make the top ten candidates.)


  5. Us up here on the Highveld always get left out of stuff … 😦
    I’ll just have to wait for this “regional” competition to go “national”
    Do you REALLY have a three inch Bach?


  6. anne: I’m sorry – my what?

    andrea: Disappointing. Still, I am suitably grateful for the ‘servitude’ buy-in. I’m also glad you managed to figure out how to blink.

    homo escapeons: In a manner of speaking, of course.

    forgottenmachine: I’ve just received my super-size Rachmaninoff. I’ve always wanted a nine-inch pianist.

    M: I will be judging the entries, but guest adjudicators, like FM and Katt will be consulted on the tougher decisions.

    Flo: Life is full of risk.

    Peas: Rule 9: transport not included. As to when – as long as the prize is claimed – i.e. arranged before the end of October, the actual date can be some time after that.

    luke: I’m hoping to persuade Chitty to run a regional competition up on the reef. Don’t know how big his composers are, though.


  7. Well, since I’m happily married (therefore Not A Serious Social Connection) and live, oh, on the other side of the world much less mountain, of course I need to enter.

    Have been accused of witty conversation before, and given the total improbability of this making sense in any other way than perhaps as conceptual art, I suggest if I’m the winner we Webcam a dinner/brekafast meet-up (assuming I can get my Texican friends to rig my PowerBook appropriately, since I’m a little gadget-challenged.)

    To preserve your anonymity you could wear a fedora pulled down low.

    Here’s hoping someone local, rather than loca, wins!


  8. I have been out of touch with your blog for way too long. I spent the last two hours catching up on your mischief. Not to mention the Katt issue. Found her blog very interesting. Amazing sense of humour you both have!! As I am stuck here where I am, neither the date with you nor a possible with Chitty will happen for me. Unless I can convince the both of you to travel to this end of SA??!!! Here’s hoping, here’s hinting, nudge, nudge. We can arrange a wonderfull outing including Whatalotoffun!!!! We do have coffee shops here….hahaha


  9. [font size = -1000000]
    I like how expectant you are that you’ll get at least five entries. Very cute. Will you be forging them all yourself?

    Love you!
    (but am not a stalker)


  10. Lori Witzel: You still have a few months to raise the money for a ticket, so I’m afraid the “I’m on the other side of the world” excuse just won’t wash. I like the fedora idea, though.

    BUDDESS: I’ll bear that in mind if I decide to take this show on the road.

    Mandy J Watson: Maybe not all. (I’m glad to hear it)


  11. If I ever get a phone line at home and thus access to my gmail again, I’ll be sure and drop you my entry, Eeyore.
    Oh wait, might have a problem with that whole ‘travel expenses excluded’ rule. And the deadline.


  12. found the blinky… and i’m working on my entry right now! okay, not right now since i’m busy typing this… but i’m thinking about my entry!


  13. Hey, old Kyknoord, you [cleverly] didn’t say WHO pays for the dinner!

    Unfortunately, I’m too old, too married, too fat, too … all sorts of things to “beg” a “date” with you … but don’t leave town in a hurry [after the date?]. You are needed at a certain theatre near you …

    Looking forward to allllll the entries. Will be fun.


  14. Terri: Promises, promises. You’re such a tease.

    NMOTB: You & me both.

    Ol’ Hoss: Yup, it’s a long way. Some people think it’s even longer. I wouldn’t have pegged you as ‘medium’ kind of guy – more ‘well done’, I would think.

    angel: Tick tock.

    Esther: Hoss makes a great date – according to him, at any rate.

    Jam: Oh yes. Well – once, at least.

    barbedwire: I’ve always been a trendsetter (Dunno. It’s hard to keep track)

    anonymous: I recognise the lioness by the mark of her paw. Too married, maybe – as for the rest, don’t be ridiculous! Perhaps I should clarify that I will be covering the cost of the meal – I’m sure my credit card has a few more drops left in it somewhere.


  15. Katt: We’ll always have Krugersdorp.

    Christine: Irrisistable, aren’t they?

    Lucky Strike: I think the city will survive.

    Aquila: Go for it. When I’m done, you can use my blinky.

    angel: Far more than I was expecting. If I had to guess I’d say your chances are pretty good, although I don’t have any real influence over the other judges.


  16. zazzafooky: And you are an excellent judge of character 😉

    LiVEwiRe: Deal! You cover 99% of the cost and I’ll take care of the rest.

    Spookie: Excuses, excuses.


  17. Oh and another thought just occured to me…. What if this person be it male or female should fall hopelessly in love with you after spending just one evening in your enchanting company?
    What then?
    You may have yourself a serious stalker…. (or two) this whole sworn to secrecy thing is it like a contract to sign? Is it legally binding? I mean you never know some of these bloggers may have Multiple Personalities, which could be fun on a date – but umm one of those personalities might be convinced that you are also in love with them too.
    None of these bloggers that comment here have got Multiple Personalities – right? At least not dangerous ones. he he.

    Anyway- just a thought. Use it, don’t use it….

    I cannot wait to see who the lucky winner is.


  18. Seeing as I’m gender-challenged in this regard (c’mon…it HAS to be a woman!) can I offer myself up as a guest judge from over here ‘cross the ‘Lantic?

    This is way better than any of them TV reality shows in my book and I hope you’ve made mention of it on your radio show.

    Now, gotta figure out how to get the little blinking signs on MY blog…


  19. Spookie: Okay, now you’re scaring me, you’re overthinking this WAY too much. But set your mind at ease, I have The Ultimate Weapon when it comes to fighting off amorous advances: my personality. Mwahahahahahahahaaaaah!

    Within, Without: Dude, dude – open to all means open to all. Even lawyers. Thanks for the offer. Tell you what, if the judging panel needs a tie-breaker, I’ll give you a shout.


  20. Sorry – I learned to overthink things from my husband…

    But if you have any trouble I am an undercover Super Hero:

    My name is The Elasti Claw!!!
    My power is Symbiosis
    My Weakness is Men (pphhtt – Whatever!!)
    My weapon is my Air Dagger – it’s deadly!!!
    And I can get to you really fast cause I have a really cool Hovercraft

    Ok? Feel better now? Good.


  21. Spookie: Step away from the coffee machine. RIGHT NOW!

    Chitty: So I guess this is why you haven’t entered yet. There’s still time, if you change your mind. So… any thoughts about hosting the Gauteng regional competition yet?


  22. Gosh, we are going to have to battle to find a suitable candidate here in the neck of our woods!!!! Relocation is looking kinda cool at the moment.


  23. Damn and double damn. I’d planned on entering this competition but hadn’t worked out the time difference.

    I was sure you’d have picked me, simply because you knew you’d have been costing a lawyer far more than you’d have been paying out, just in transport costs.

    Hope you choose a wonderful winner, the lucky mare x


  24. OK, rules are rules…just like you’re not supposed to take dives or maim opponents in rugby.

    But if you end up having a date with a guy, well, you’ll be letting everyone down, so to speak.

    Just know if you need a tie-breaking vote from a Canucklehead judge, it will be in favour of a female. I can just see you signing me up right now…


  25. BUDDESS: I’ll ask the people in our PE branch to keep an eye out.

    Cherrypie: It’s kind of you to try and spare my feelings. “Time difference” is the best excuse yet 😉

    Within Without: LOL. That rugby tie-in is brilliant. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.


  26. Kyk, ya may have to dust off the blinky! Seems like there are several girls that missed the deadline. A contest after December would be delightful. Don’t cha think?

    The Tart

    BTW, I just want to know what type of coffee Spookie drinks! ; )


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