Going… going…

Time, gentlemen and ladies! Entries are now officially closed.

Many thanks for the shockingly enthusiastic response. The entries will shortly be forwarded to all the judges for the onerous task of sifting and selection. The names of the entrants have been removed, so the entries will be adjudicated on merit alone – i.e. bribery is pointless. There have been several objections to this policy* but I am taking a firm line here.

The entries from the top 5 finalists will be posted here once all the returns are in & I can tally the scores. The judges work cheap**, so I can’t really put too much pressure on them to perform and I certainly haven’t cornered the market in slack-bastardy.

* from the judges
** free


22 thoughts on “Going… going…

  1. Can’t wait to see some of these entries.
    This is going to be priceless – Kyknoord you lucky little beefcake, all these ladies (and men?) falling at your feet. Go you good thing! πŸ™‚


  2. who ever said the blog world was boring… LMFAO – err… you were so wrong!

    Good on ya Mr.KN – best of luck sifting through the psychos. I see an opportunity to launch a “supporting blog” for your reviews/ comments/ date stories.


  3. You realise, of course, that as a judge I can choose the lousiest entry and bribe the other judges so that in the end I can keep you all to myself, don’t you? Mwahaha.


  4. anne: Life is hard. I’ll just have to deal with it.

    It is the question: This is true, but for the truly complete ‘blog-meets-game show’ experience, it has to be interactive.

    Peas: There are some real gems in the mix. With regard to the “falling down” part, if the winner gets rat-arsed beforehand, there will be no meal – only black coffee.

    tripeak: I’ve had my 15 minutes. I think it’s time to pass on the flame. Are you volunteering?

    Spookie: Watch this space. And when you’re done, check back here from time to time for updates πŸ™‚

    andrea: Ja, but then I’d be damaged goods and you wouldn’t want that, would you?


    ooooh… andrea’s going to need watching! so if i’m saving my money for a plane ticket… what do i bribe the judges with?


  6. This is the best thing to happen to the bloggy world! I wish we could have one big circus tent party to celebrate the contestants & the final winner!!! Yippy skippy it’s party time. ; )

    To all the contestants ~ my final scores are into The Man, as Katt calls our eligible Kyknoord, as of this afternoon! I was so taken by the wit & sincerity of the entries.

    All I ask is that the winner provide us with all the juicy details of the soiree with The Man. Meantime, while we wait for the results … I will just go sulk in a corner for a tad since I will miss the free meal & witty conversation. *sigh*

    Good luck to all the contestants!
    The Tart
    ; )

    Hmm. Maybe I shall take road trip to visit Andrea & discuss art. Best to sulk in good company. ; )


  7. Katt: I’m going to take back your official “I R a Judge” button.

    angel: Money, booze and chocolate usually works. FM is completely incorruptable, though.

    NMOTB: For shame! We are trying to forge a new, egalitarian, honest society that… ah, screw it – who am I kidding?

    Within Without: I prefer “nurtured”, rather than “created”.

    The Tart: And many thanks for your input, sweet Tart. If I had to choose a sulking partner, I reckon Andrea would be the one for me as well.

    Jam: You may. The plug was greatly appreciated, thanks πŸ™‚ As promised, once all the scores are in, I will publish the top 5 entries and declare the voting open to the blogging public.


  8. Damn, my inspiration has arrived too late then & I’ve missed the deadline. Ah well, hopefully, if this blogger woman does not turn out to be the love of your life, you will hold the competition again next year. (And then maybe my bank balance will also allow me to travel to such distant places as Cape Town).


  9. KYK – exactly how many entrant did you receive?
    To avoid all the disappoint I think there so be multiple prizes.

    1st prize – 1x Supper with all the trimmings

    2nd prize – 2x Breakfast

    3rd prize – 3 x ‘Lets meet for coffee & chat’

    Wotcha think?


  10. Dolce… you took the words out of my mouth (or at least fingers). And Kyk, the suspense is killing all of us… at least tell us how many qualifying entries were eventually received.


  11. You do realise that Kyk now has an entire database of good leads at his disposal, graded according to intelligence, humour, sincerity and er, desperation. I’m just saying…


  12. Champers: Maybe I should go on tour. With T-shirts and groupies. Well, definitely T-shirts.

    Rev: I’ll never tell – you’ll have to beat it out me. I’ll try and give some thought to consolation prizes, but it’s really difficult to concentrate when my bank manager weeps uncontrollably.

    Katt: I’ll go down to the post box and wait.

    Dolce: Hey, if I have any hidden agendas here, the one thing you can be certain of is that they’ll stay hidden.

    M: Sorry, you’ll have to beat it out of me, too.

    barbedwire: Damn! I’m really beginning to regret promising the entrants that I wouldn’t use their details for nefarious purposes, although I do seem to remember giving myself an escape clause with one of them…


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