We have a winner!

The polls are now closed. Thank you for playing.

It was a close contest with fans of Finalist C ensuring an early and seemingly insurmountable lead, but weekend readers turned out in significant numbers to make their marks for A and E. I was going to say “turned out in droves” but I have no idea how many it requires to officially count as a drove. Probably more than a Brazilian.

Anyway, the final tally (as at 12h00 CAT) was as follows:

A Adventurous: 18
B Double Act: 4
C Stilettos: 20
D Shoe-in Jones: 2
E Hate mail again: 19

So let’s hear it for the official winner of the Win a Date With Kyknoord competition: Finalist C Stilettos, who happens to be none other than [drumroll] South Africa’s premier lady blogger, Peas on Toast. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit like the bad old days when Transvaal used to thump Western Province on the rugby field.

Even though she’s an upcountry lass, sweet Peas still has the option of claiming the prize and leaving the actual date open-ended until such time as she finds herself in the Fairest Cape. Anyone willing to offer travel sponsorship should contact probably Peas directly, because I would spend the money on – well – stuff.


28 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Congrats, Kyk and Peas on Toast! You’ll make a lovely couple. Pix will be mandatory, of course.

    Over in a remote section of Blogdom, some of us had a Win a Date with Kyk-Ass pool, and I won.

    The prize? I get to be your chaperone.


  2. Cool Winner!!! I voted for her!!

    Just remember, if Peas turns out to be a bit of a mix of Carrots and Corn and Beans too – just Yodel and I will be there in a flash!!
    I have had some adjustments made to my Superhero outfit, and my hovercraft. I still have my Airdagger (Though I have not quite figured out how it works…) you can Yodel, right?


  3. Congrats to Miss Peas! I hope the date will be sooner that later, natch!

    We in bloggyville look forward to hearing about the date from each point of view. And by the looks of things … many others plan to attend. ; )

    The Tart

    BTW, while on your date ~ if you see a tourist from Texas snapping pics of people, wearing a red wig … that’s not me. I’ll be the one working the iPod & speakers while Katt serenades you both ~ karaoke style! *wink*


  4. Congrats Peas (and Kyk, although, er, we knew you’d won).

    Don’t forget your tape measure (so that we know his height in order to narrow down the population and – ultimately – unmask the secret identity, duh!) and whip (to keep away the masses while you’re eating!)


  5. Jam: I didn’t – I left it up to Fate.

    anne: Discretion is my forth-from-last name.

    Shortypam: Was there any doubt?

    BUDDESS: The ZA blogging world will never be the same again.

    WW: Pix? [pages down] Nah, sorry. Nothing in the rules about that. Enjoy your flight.

    Katt: Oh boy! I simply can’t tell you how much I like it.

    Spookie: Hey Sis, how’s it hangin’? I thought everyone could yodel.

    The Tart: Looks like I’m going to have to wear that bag after all.

    Mandy J Watson: Thanks anyway 🙂

    Peas: Right back atcha (except for the “boy” part, of course)!


  6. Darn. I rather liked that one for myself.

    I will shortly be starting a Fly Peas to Cape Town for Kyk campaign on my blog. You will all be invited to contribute what you can.

    I shall call the campaign… PEAS IN OUR TOWN.


  7. {{sniff}} hey bro- congrats peas {{sniff}}…
    i’m still crying in my keyboard at losing out so badly here!
    okay- all better! i can’t WAIT to read your respective takes on the big date!


  8. I will enjoy my flight. Can I stay at your house? I can take the pix, so as not to bother you two.

    There’s nothing in the rules making pix mandatory, but there’s nothing in the rules about it at all.

    Think of your legions of fellow bloggers, man! And think of me as the omnipresent pictorial orator.

    Whatever that could be.


  9. Andrew: Catchy. It’s right up there with GIVE PEAS A CHANCE.

    angel: Don’t cry, behaloed one. It’s how you played the game.

    Ol’ Hoss: Guess not, guess so.

    WW: Of course. Mi sofá aterronado es su sofá aterronado.


  10. Sob. Sniff. *Honking blowing nose noises*
    We (double act) ARE Capetonian. Can’t we do a runner up prize and go on a mini date – a cup of tea at the Wimpy perhaps or McDonald’s drive-thru? Just a thought. Whaaaa Boohooo.
    OK, ok, maybe just maybe I should try and update my blog sometime.
    Sniff… congrats to Miss Peas.


  11. Sis!! hee, that was funny hey? LOL!

    And if anyone can’t yodel just say in a “singy” kind of voice lil’ol’ladywhooo”

    It’s close enough!!


  12. Congrats, Peas! As if there was ever any doubt.

    How about knocking out an ‘I Almost Won a Date with Kyk’ blinky for the rest of us then, K? (Gratuitous use of the word ‘Loser’ will not be favourably received.)


  13. Bee: I’ll tell you what – you get yourself an Egg McMuffin or whatever strikes your fancy and send me the bill. My address is: T.M. Mbeki, Union Buildings, West wing, 2nd Floor, Government Avenue, Pretoria.

    Spookie: You’re right, that’s definitely close enough. Actually, would you mind taking a few steps back?

    e: Okay. You can get the code here (right click & ‘save as’).


  14. Dear Thabo

    Thanks for the Mcmuffin. Here is the bill. It only cost R3 billion ront. I enclose my bank details in the sealed envelope attached to this here comment.

    Your loyal subject


  15. Kyk, my dear!

    I haven’t heard much, or more specifically anything in light of managing to get to Cape Town just yet. I’m on the phone to my dad who flies aeroplanes, but I may just be risking my life going with him.
    Will keep in touch.
    I like the train idea that Jam (?) I think left on my blog.


  16. LiVEwiRe: Filmed – as in ‘Saran Wrap’? That’s just mean.

    Bee: I see you & Shabir have a lot in common. Stay where you are. The Scorpions are on the way – with your cheque, of course.

    Peas: I know what you mean. I can’t get enough of those twenty-hour journeys on uncomfortable seats.


  17. Congratulations, peas.

    If you can make it down this weekend (I realise it’s short notice) then all the restaurants on offer will be offering cooked whale.

    I would have entered (and won obviously) but for the fact I would never have been able to keep my dislike of mopeds within for an entire evening.


  18. Kyk, while you’re waiting for Peas (Peas & Kyk? too good!) – can I take you out on a date in the meantime? I’ll pay and everything (as long as it’s not more than a few bucks apiece). May even pick you up in the Friggin’Ford so we don’t have to take your scooter… PLEASE? 🙂

    (Seeing as I couldn’t win anything, I’ve resolved to resort to bribery)

    verification word: bdiba – madiba with a head cold?


  19. Flo: Will we never be free of the ugly face of prejudice in this country?

    Michelle: C’mon, I’ve only crashed like three times – what’s the problem? However, since you asked so nicely… you know how to get hold of me.


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