Nine tenths of the law

I had another set-to with my boss yesterday afternoon. Both of us had been busily engaged in the preparation of tender documents and shortly after I’d completed my task, I strolled off to the casa del excremento to contemplate the infinite and catch up on world news.

When I returned, it was to discover that the aforementioned individual* had ransacked the contents of my MY document and made off with half the appendices to complete HIS sodding document. Now these items aren’t things I can simply reprint – we’re talking about original certificates and certified copies here. I honestly thought I was going to black out from irritation.

It looks like I’m going to have to fast-track the roll-out of Cayennetology if I want to avoid ending up as Tony Yengeni’s cell-mate. Despite all evidence to the contrary, murder is still illegal in SouthAfrica.Damn,IthinkIjustbrokemykeyboard.

* I can’t think of an expletive that adequately conveys my loathing for him right now.


26 thoughts on “Nine tenths of the law

  1. hey kyk, im sorry bout ur day… though i would suggest calling him from another number and harrassing him at 3 in the morning could help..
    you know heavy breathing type thing,
    On his house phone so he has to answer…
    or u could get the fruit fairies to do something bout it…


  2. luke: “…crappy day…” – very witty. At least it had some benefit.

    Shortypam: I think it’s going to have to be the fruit fairies. There’s no way I’m losing any sleep over this guy.

    Miss Cellania: The offending keyboard has been replaced. The guy from IT support was about to ask how I managed to crack my spacebar, but decided he didn’t really want to know when he saw my expression.

    barbedwire: *sigh* if only…


  3. Bee: Don’t worry, I had a plan all worked out to swap my keyboard with his during lunch [cue ‘Mission Impossible’ theme…]

    Mandy: We’re trying to toughen ’em up.

    Katt: I might have agreed if we were using your car. There’s a good reason they don’t use getaway scooters in the movies.


  4. What?! Absolutely rotten and underhanded; even too much so for ME to admire. Hmm. I can only hope the lack of keyboard cooperation is due to you beating said individual about the head and neck with it. Accidentally, of course.


  5. You have just reminded me why I always HATED working in an office…there are PEOPLE there who ANNOY me and who I’d like to MAIM in a bad way.

    So maybe I’ll stick with trawling around in my car from company to company – at least I get to leave the gits behind after 2 hours with them.

    ps. do the poo in a bag thing.


  6. LiVEwiRe: Sadly, no. I tend to type furiously when I’m furious and just thinking about it set me off.

    Geena: This is why I want people to give me all their money. It would go a long way towards restoring my tranquility.

    angel: I tried, but to no avail.

    Within Without: But of course. Meditation of any sort is good for this hole – I mean, the soul.


  7. Mandy: It will have to wait until I’m done with my Hollywood screenplay.

    Peas: There’s an Atomic Wedgie with his name written all over it. Coming soon. Oh yes.


  8. It’s POSSESSION. It’s freeking possession. I’ve spent the last day trying to think what nine tenths of the law was. I’ve heard it many times before and even quoted it…but could I recall it when I saw your title. I had to freekin’ Google it. Geez.
    I guess each of your readers has their own little story to tell, huh?


  9. Terri: I live to serve.

    shirley: I’m training an elite squad of mosquitos to sort him out.

    Brian the Mennonite: You speak like a man possessed. Which side of the law are you?


  10. Kyk steal them back….
    Pleased to see you can still comment despite the broken keyboard, although I do notice a distinct lack of”f” words….


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