Beginning of the End

Ah, bonny Patience,
Thou – sweetest of all Virtues –
Would I kiss deeply!

Or to put it another way: my wife has finally come to the less-than-earth-shattering conclusion that her lawyer is just in it for the money. Another great “Stop the Presses!” moment. If truth be told, I suspect that she figured this out months ago – probably at about the same time that I did. It has, however, taken a goodly while for her irritation with this prize plonker’s piss-poor performance to overtake the fact that she appointed said prize plonker in the first place.

Anyway, she’s given him the old heave-ho and we now have a signed Agreement of Settlement [cue “Hallelujah” chorus]. I think I need to offer her the post of Grand High Priestess of the Church of Cayennetology, because in terms of our agreement, not only do I get to give her all my money, I also get to give her a pile of money I haven’t even earned yet. How cool is that, huh? Do you see why I fell in love with this woman?

Still, even though we are another step closer to our final parting of the ways, it’s important to note that I got to share over a decade with a truly remarkable person and (barring another concussion, of course) I will always have those memories.


25 thoughts on “Beginning of the End

  1. Good sentiment.. Having been through this drama myself, I found it comforting to remember those many years we were together and not forgetting what brought us together in the first place, not ALL of it was bad afterall.

    *raises glass* here’s to new beginnings and clean slates ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What do you call 20 divorce lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    (I know everyone already knows that one.)

    I’m glad you get to put this behind you kyknoord. I agree with swisstwist, a toast to “new beginnings and clean slates.”

    (so does this mean no one should offer the Ex any kool-aid?);-) Bad joke, sorry.

    Divorce plain sucks, I know. If we come away from it w/o too much bitterness, and remember there were good times, I think that’s a good start, on your new life.

    My best to you kyknoord.



  3. It took my first ex-husband 10 years until we could have a meaningful discussion that didn’t end in either of us slamming the phone down on the other. You are off to a much better start. Here’s thinking of you!!! Best of luck.


  4. ATW: Wouldn’t be much of a “start” without the obligatory bank account clear-out, would it? More of middle-ish type of thing.

    Peas: Actually, her attorney was just about the only point of contention. He’s acted in bad faith since day one, because despite our repeated insistance that we wanted to settle this amicably, he’s been pushing my wife into going the litigation route – “for her own good”, of course. He’s also done his utmost to provoke me into losing my temper so I would (presumably) tell him “I’ll see you in court, fucker!”, but his strategy was so transparently obvious that I never took the bait.

    SwissTwist: Cheers! To clean slates and dirty thoughts.

    3T: Thanks. My soon-to-be ex is actually a wonderful woman and a great mother to Kyknoord Jr. She just couldn’t put up with me any more and to be perfectly frank, I think she deserves better than a moody misery-guts like me.

    BUDDESS: Ta. Do my best ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Hey, Kyk, any good news is, well, good news. There is little that is fun about this. It’s devastation.

    But I raise a toast to you as well and offer a smile and, if you’re comfortable with it, a hug.

    The drained bank account is par for the course, I am similarly paying through the nose.

    Shit happens. It’s how you get past the shit that counts. This helps. It’s great.

    Congrats and all the best.


  6. Not sure this qualifies as “great news”, but I’ve been known to say worse things. So. Great news!
    Glad to see things are settling down, non-pun really not intended.


  7. Oh my – here I am about to face my lawyer to proceed with my divorce and she sounds like yours – “Let’s GET him!” – I couldn’t be bothered, quite frankly.

    I got nothing out of the marriage financially – in fact I lost almost everything – but I have my sanity and that’s the most important. And we’re trying hard to rebuild a friendship – for the kids’ sake…now why would I want to jeopardise that for money?

    The woman is nuts.

    Good luck and let’s hope you can make the final break quick and clean now.


  8. Is there such thing as group therapy for lawyers or do they just hold pep rallies?

    The Tart
    ; *

    Ps. Hey should we lure said “Prize Ponker” into the cult & get your money back? The fruit fairies would have a ball!


  9. Andrew: Yup. It’s damned difficult chasing after moving goalposts.

    DelBoy: Quite right. Onwards!

    whatalotoffun: True, but I still get to see her every so often, so I won’t miss out entirely.

    Within Without: At least our sinuses get a good reaming.

    LiVEwiRe: That’s going to be quite a trick. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

    angel: The course is finished, but yes, I believe it helped.

    anne: Intended or not, I liked it anyway.

    Geena: This is one of the reasons we wanted to avoid litigation. Neither of us money to waste on legal fees and the confrontational aspect of going to court to fight over spoons does nothing to one’s chances of rebuilding a friendship.

    Peas on Toast: As far as I know, he is. When she gets his final account, he will definitely stay fired.

    Luke: How can I possibly refuse an offer like that?

    The Tart: I don’t think the fruit fairies are carnivorous.

    Tammy: Not really my style. I prefer people to give me all their money voluntarily.

    homo escapeons: Since you’ve already called dibs, I won’t interfere. That’s also not my style.


  10. well, kyk at least this part of ur life is one step closer to completion then it will only be a distant memory… then ul be single and live the simple life!!!

    but atleast the incompetent lawyer is gone and u both can get on with ur lives as peacefully as you should…


  11. shortypam: And I can finally realise my life-long dream of becoming a monk. I wonder if the Vow of Silence includes blogging? Hmm…

    jam: Thanks. The waiting has been tough on both of us.


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