Enshroud me in thy purple cloak

According to the people who know these things*, fear of the dark is something that is hard-wired into the human psyche. This may or may not be true (I’m too lazy to look it up), but if it is, then I seem to have broken this programming, because there are few things that terrify me more than waking up in a room filled with light**. If my return to consciousness is also accompanied by the sound of birds twittering joyfully in the tree outside my window, my sense of dread is increased by an order of magnitude.

What the hell is wrong with me? This is the third time in as many weeks that I’ve forgotten to set my sodding alarm. I’m not concerned about being late for work – my company operates on a flexitime system, so while this remains a theoretical possibility, I’m not really prepared to put in the extra effort just to prove it can be done. No, the thing that scares me about oversleeping is that I’ve missed my window of opportunity to be on the roads before all the stupid people wake up.

Not an auspicious start to spring. Indeed not.

* You know – THEM

** Maybe a room filled with light AND spiders


26 thoughts on “Enshroud me in thy purple cloak

  1. I love waking up to a room filled with light. It means winter is going away. Sucky, sucky winter. You suck.

    I’ll save you from the spiders (or the spiders from you?), Kyk. I don’t fear them.


  2. Makes no difference what time you wake up in Joeys, you still have to contend with 2gazillion retards on the road. (Myself excluded of course).
    Spideys are cool, they are the ultimate in coolth.
    For a small fee, I’ll sms you each morning … your own personalised ‘early morning wake up dammit’ call.
    For a small fee.


  3. As for me, I think I’m hardwired into always thinking I’ll be late for school if I wake up suddenly and too late. Must be why 99% of my anxiety dreams are about being late for something. When I’m 90 being late for school just won’t be funny any more.


  4. Oh go away with your Spring theme…it’s autumn here and very very poo and getting darker earlier and lighter later…*sighs*..but at least the spiders are gone now.


  5. Mandy J Watson: It’s a deal! Where do I sign?

    Luke: Send me your proposal and I’ll get my people to look it over.

    Katt: No maybe about it. Now if I could just convince my boss…

    moonflake: Vigour and I aren’t the best of buddies either. There was this one time involving a toothbrush…

    andrea: Not for you maybe 😉

    Geena: Oh God! They’re all coming here, aren’t they?


  6. See, the thing I love most about the Southern hemisphere is that seasons are so disciplined over there that they abidingly start on the first of the month.
    And I’m with Geena, you’ll have no pity from me when I’m about to get hit by a seasonal depression the size of Australia.


  7. I am not a morning person, so waking up in the morning is particularly hard for me and I’m not too fond of twittering birds either.
    I despise being late for an appointment and prefer to arrive well in advance… sometimes too well in advance.


  8. Mandy — if you get tired of the spider patrol and need to get a cup of coffee, lemme know. I’ll take up any spider-slack.

    I’m fine with spiders, and it would be too sad if you wandered off for caffeination and spiders picked EXACTLY that moment to drop from the ceiling on Kyk. As they are wont to do, unless they know there’s a patrol about.


  9. Mandy: We do? Excellent.

    angel: What about garlic?

    anne: That’s just nasty. We all made sympathetic noised when you were suffering through that heatwave.

    Chitty: I believe there’s something you can take for that.

    Lori Witzel: Indeed. I had an bit of a run-in with one just a couple of weeks ago. I think the damned thing was in love with me – followed me everywhere (managed to lose it somewhere in the neighbourhood when I went for a walk, though)

    Geena: Not so far-fetched. Have you seen ‘Snakes on a Plane’?

    The Tart: I’m awake! I’m awake!


  10. hey geena it’s probably cheaper to buy some crack, inject it into your eyeballs and hallucinate a bunch of snakes on a plane than buying an actual movie ticket over here! Don’t succumb… i know a good dealer (“,)


  11. It can be bothersome hearing the birds twitter, but only if it’s at what should be the end of the day. On more occasions than can be good for a person, I have found myself still clicking through blogrolls when it starts to get light. I do hope you haven’t caught a similar condition.


  12. Geena: Me too. I’m phobic about paying money to watch crap.

    The Granny Wrangler: Please note: GW is a professional, so don’t try this at home, kids.

    angel: A few well-chosen words will generally do it for me.

    Cherrypie: Once or twice. Admittedly, it was during one of my periodic bouts of insomnia, so it doesn’t really count.


  13. The problem with waking up in a room filled with light is how it is going to affect your eyesight and head. Especially on a Saturday morning, when you realise, in unison with a thumping head, that you forgot to draw your curtains after boozing too many cold ones.


  14. After a considerable absence from blogworld, I was all ready to respond, Kyk…

    And then you say it’s spring.

    In Canada, of course, it’s just about to be autumn. Today it’s somewhere around 29 C, but the kids are just about to return to school from summer holidays, most people have now completed their vacations, a long winter is ahead…

    Oh, pshawh!

    We’re about to embark on cold, cold six-hour days and frigid 18-hour nights! Sob, sob! Brr, Brr.


  15. Peas on Toast: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

    Dolce: Apparently it’s illegal to “dicharge a firearm in a built-up area” Who knew?

    Within Without: The hot chocolate is already in the post.–>


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