Lost in the translation

If you are reading this, then you have probably gathered that I’ve migrated the other side of the mountain from Blogger to WordPress.  You may also be wondering what happened at the old site, so allow me to (attempt to) explain.

This was all supposed to be so simple*.  After I’d transferred all the archives here, I discovered that the formatting on the Blogger site had been screwed up in the process.  My solution: instead of re-editing some 280 or so entries, I decided to delete the whole damned thing.  My intention was to re-register the blog and put up the customary “er, like, I’ve moved, okay?” notification after I’d finished tweaking the new site.

This was not to be.  When I returned to Blogger later I discovered that the old site had a fucking SQUATTER!  Someone with a pointlessly pedestrian user name like claude79 or whatever.  Bastard.  I suppose it could be worse – at least it isn’t something embarrassing like mr_bigthrobbingknob.  I know that we have a serious housing crisis in South Africa, but this really takes the schwarzwaldküchen.

* isn’t it always?


34 thoughts on “Lost in the translation

  1. Arrr … here ye arrr …
    WHy you go to WordPress? I tried this place before, it wasn’t ‘alf crap.
    You’ll be back. They always come back.
    And as for the squatter, at least when you open the page you don’t get a picture of a huge knob, as was the case with some other dude’s website that he kindly decided to delete from Blogland. That were pretty embarrassing (for me), cos of course I was at work when I went to his blog.


  2. other-duke: Blogger was fine, but I thought I would jump ship before they unleashed the New! Improved! Blogger on an unsuspecting world. Why WordPress? I was feeling whimsical.

    LiVEwiRe: Busted! How embarrassing.

    Luke: Why WordPress? Oi injoyz a challenge, Oi duzz. Arrr. BTW stop giving my squatter ideas!

    Peas: An excellent idea. Happy hour at 5.


  3. ok, this new site is very cool. will you be adding the pencil shaded mountain back in?

    Adding comments here is a lot easier than it is in blogger.

    what’s been annoying me tremendously of late is adding pictures to my blog. the upload happens but the picture vanishes into a cyber black-hole. and i can’t comment on other peoples blogs using my sign in (because i moved over to blogger in beta).. suppose i should be telling tech support about this. not you

    i’ll be back at 5 to order 1 blog-job, 2 spring-blogs, a couple of yaeger-blogs and a carling blog label


  4. anne: Very little ever is – except eggs, of course

    other-duke: This template isn’t quite up to the task of masthead graphics, so it will have to remain unembellished for now, but I will begin processing your order immediately 🙂

    jam: Just getting into it, but it’s been okay thus far.


  5. moonflake: Thanks. Evolution takes many forms, doesn’t it?

    katt: So that’ll make you a JungleKatt, will it?

    shortypam: Apologies. I’ll leave a note on the fridge next time 😉

    dolce: Yup. Apparently it’s quite common. Does this make me a celebrity?


  6. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha…
    okay- i just baptised my laptop with water using the “violent laugh induced nasal exhalation” method…


  7. Next thing he’ll be buying the Kyknoord.com domain and trying to sell it to you.

    It’s that Cayennetology thing you see – he’s cashing in on your looming fame.


  8. Now that I think about it, YOU could be the squatter! Might be the perfect way for you to get out all those ‘questionable’ things in your ‘ed. Oh wait, you do that here. Nevermind.


  9. Hi Kyk. Looks what-a-happens the moment I am outa pocket for a couple of days, DUDE … are you trying to give me a heart attack? ; p

    Hmmm … I miss everyblogger’s avatars, boo hoo! Ya know WW changes his daily & Geena too! Bother. ; /

    Glad to see your Kyk-ness is still in true form.

    Big smooch,
    The Tarty Tart
    ; *

    Ps. What do to about that Squatter?


  10. Kyk

    Technology can be a real pain in the rear end. I change the ‘look’ of Figtree every now and then by changing templates and find that I have to spend hours sorting out font size glitches and other formatting issues.

    I like the look of WordPress and have been thinking about a similar move for the last couple of months (Squarespace is not free.)

    A squatter wot! Most annoying!

    It might have been a good idea to keep the Blogger site for your old stuff and WP for the new.

    Whatever, it looks good… though as a oneptime Capetonian, I miss your TOSOTM graphic.


  11. angel: Sorry about that. Do you want to borrow my hair-dryer?

    lori: Not really my brand of wit – or as we say in Kanji, “Fah’keeng skuh wah tahs”

    geena: He’s going to have a loooong wait 🙂

    livewire: Oh yes – or as we say in Kanji, “Yuck fu!”

    inyoka: I miss it too, but I have it on good authority that WordPress is continually evolving, so maybe it’ll be back sometime in the future.


  12. OK now that I’ve finished laughing like a lunatic… oh wait, there I go again hahaha!
    Listen, mate, do you have ANY IDEA how many people are going to have to update the links on their own blogs to point at your new URL? Did you think of anyone other than yourself before doing this? NO! Did you not consider how WE might feel about this? Hmf!

    OK I feel better now. And man, I havn’t laughed out loud like that in ages, thanks Dude 😀 (cyber squatters, hehehe…!)


  13. terri: As it so happens, I do have an idea (if Technorati’s stats are anything to go by, that is)

    livewire: “Hey wait a minute”? No, I don’t think that’s quite it.

    Ol’ Hoss: Of course not. The jury will disregard that comment.


  14. I haven’t checked in a week, and this is what I get? So much for spending too much time on my class work…

    Which is what I should be doing now. And yes, it’s a shame about those people in the World Trade Center having to jump like that…


  15. Ok a direct translation (from the JAPANESE) of the Squatter dude’s post as follows – Ta Babelfish!

    “The person calls the “life one time drill” well. One time drill, with the person calls also springtime of life next. Therefore that now when it does not have being regretful live. One time drill, with this word which is said hurries the person rather moment. No oak you must be, unless, it hurries. You are not regretful the way, it hurries. Life is visible certainly in one time drill and. This instant does not return two degrees already. After this being born, until it dies, between, the time only the forward not advancing. Being at the point where by his halts, the time not to stop, because it advances facing toward the end of one time drill barrel life. Therefore, however only it runs. So much. “The life one time drill” , such do the method of living which was flurried without the lever closing. The and the , not to be to pass indolently. How it should have done it is thought, calling, there is no such semantic something applying. What you can become aware in such a thing life extremely living. When it passes also the folding position, unskillfulness does perhaps thing immediately before the end. But still you are not regretful from this the way

    That’s like deep dude. Shoowaaah man. Phew!


  16. bryan: Classwork has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it?

    sally: Glad you were able to fine your way back to the light.

    granny wrangler: You spent the money, didn’t you?

    bee: or to summarise, “life is short, so stop and smell the roses”, perhaps?

    bth: Since you ask, it’s schwarzwaldküchen with the dubya removed (for people who aren’t fond of the US president). Thanks for the flagging the typo 😉


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