I’m with stupid

…except for the “with” part.

In some obscure branch of my family tree, I’m sure one of my maternal ancestors must have had – shall we say – intimate relations with Donald Duck.

Yesterday afternoon I had what can only be described as a near-aneurysm experience. I spent several minutes furiously cursing an autoteller unto the seventh upgrade for giving me the electronic finger, before I realised that I was trying to draw cash with my garage card. Talk about putting the “I” into “idiot”.

Then I went to see a movie about lesbians and I felt much better.


22 thoughts on “I’m with stupid

  1. other-duke: There were one or two spectators, but they were mostly backing away slowly.

    peas: As long as I’m not responsible for the “p” in swimming pool :-p

    mjw: Let me guess – you can see the resemblance?


  2. angel: I’m so glad I’m not alone in that. Our sister would be mortified, though.

    andrea: That wouldn’t make for very entertaining viewing on the security camera.

    brian: Very witty. She should be performing in Vegas.

    anne: Actually, I’ve been like this for a quite long time. I just try to keep it hidden.


  3. At least you used your garage card, which probably looks similar to your atm card. I once could not work out why my student card would not draw me money.

    But those were my student days, when drawing money was meant for the continuation of such studies as the Art Of Wine. I am much more controlled & intelligent these days *cough cough*!


  4. Ah, the time I ran into a store to buy some ballpoint pens because, as I told the clerk (who kept giving me the oddest looks) I had none in my apartment.

    Once back in my car, caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror…with a ballpoint pen perched behind my ear.


  5. the granny wrangler: Not just dropped, but dropped head-first.

    champagne heathen: Aren’t we all? [cough]

    womanforlife: Actually, that would have worked for me. My credit card is linked.

    katt: What’s this, some kind of a wish-fulfillment thing?

    luke: Indeed.

    terri: Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who can say?

    marissa: Do you have one of those hi-tech doors, or were you trying to break in?

    lori: Bastard. If he’d spoken up, he could have saved you a bit of cash.

    salman: Not that you’re bitter or anything.


  6. Yesterday, when the nice Tesco’s man dropped off my groceries, I wanted an excuse for why i hadnt walked down the million flights of stairs to help him. As he came in, staggering under the weight of all my food, I said “sorry I didnt come down. I couldnt find my shoes”. “Here they are” says he, as he places the food next to my slippers, in the entrance hall in front of the front door. 🙂


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