Slippery people

After my last play, I made a few noises to the effect that I was planning to take a break from the boards until sometime next year. It obviously didn’t take too long for my plans to end up in shreds and tatters, because once again I find myself embroiled in rehearsals for a new production.

What makes this situation just a tiny bit irksome (apart from the fact that my buddy Richard Head is also in the cast+) is the sure knowledge that I succumbed to the most basic of the suggested techniques from Chapter 1 of ‘Emotional Blackmail – A Practical Guide To Getting Your Own Way’

Knowledge does not necessarily translate into power, because it’s really, really difficult to say no to someone who looks at you with pleading puppy-dog eyes and whines, “But we neeeeed you”. It’s even more difficult to refuse when this little scenario plays out in a room filled with people all eagerly following the discussion. Bastards.

I am forced to conclude that my pathetic desire to please others can only stem from deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy. Fortunately, I am now able to blame these on my ex-wife.

+ Someone please kill me


29 thoughts on “Slippery people

  1. The sods always prey on our need to be needed. Absolute blackmail!

    I was about to ask you why you do this to yourself but then I remembered, I fall for the same sales pitch. Is there a Suckers Anon support group?


  2. It’s ok, it’s your inner egotist trying desperately to escape. I too suffer from this complex. I was BIG on the stage in the 70’s! Truly. I was a hit. Sigh. Perhaps I should stage a comeback. Oh wait – I am! We’re doing an ABBA send up for our company weekend away – whahahaha. It’s called excavating your inner egomaniac.


  3. katt: Yeah. I’d rather be kneaded than needed.

    the granny wrangler: Don’t worry, I couldn’t be bothered to come up with alternatives to “irksome” and “sure knowledge”, so let’s call it even.

    luke: Hey, it’s my party. I’ll do a show up north as soon as Radio With Balls goes on air.

    chitty: Touché 🙂

    bee: You’re terrible, Muriel.

    barbedwire: I know I’ve said it before, but you’re evil.


  4. Har har … you are just too wicked you.
    Cough up the bucks, present me with a system overview
    /organogram/business plan and i’ll attempt to ‘make it so’ …


  5. It’s a hard life when things fall apart without your own special blend of genius, isn’t it?
    Oh and Ja, blaming the ex-wife is practically a requirement now.


  6. luke: Okay, but first I need to go out and buy a Lotto ticket. Back shortly.

    spookie: Interesting. I cut my toenails yesterday (and I’ll learn to say no if it will make you happy)

    terri: It’s always good to be mainstream.

    andrea: Actually, I blame your parents, too.


  7. The people who asked you to be in the play would probably not have accepted “no” unless you were breathtakingly rude to them.

    Therefore, they have forced you to choose between participation and being a nasty person.

    Try being a nasty person, and remember that it’s their fault, not yours.


  8. Apparently I’ve so embraced my feelings of inadequacy (which I blame on my exes, parents and the media, because come on…) that I try to please them more than other people.


  9. I can’t say I ever have a problem with this. When someone says they neeeeeeed me, I say ” I know, dear. I know”. Pat them on the shoulder. And walk off.

    At least they feel heard & loved, and so don’t realise the rejection immediately.


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  11. I like the poke the puppy dog eyes suggestion. But, as this same situation recently happened to me (Closing weekend of Footloose, of all things, THIS WEEKEND – WILL CELEBRATE HARD!), I want to know how to poke those puppy dog eyes over the phone.


  12. I have nothing intelligent to add….I am not intelligent…just rat-arsed…

    may I say though…that I blame my inadequacies (shite what a word to type when under the influence*) on my ex-husband.

    Just wanted to share that with you darlin’….

    *edited 1000 times


  13. salman: Or, stated another way, I have to choose between self-loathing and being loathed. The problem is I think I do a better job.

    6000: Ah, the famous “Three Stooges” approach. Don’t I also need a ladder for that?

    jam: Excellent. I believe a change is as good as a holiday.

    anne: Now that is impressive. My feelings of inadequacy haven’t quite taken on a life of their own yet.

    champagne heathen: Can I hire you as my agent?

    peas: As long as they’re delivered directly to my brain via a revolver barrel.

    iscatterlings: Take your pick.

    angel: Not so handy, I’m afraid: mine took me twelve years to make.

    beastarzmom: That would certainly revolutionise the phone-sex industry.

    geena: Thank you for sharing 😉 You do realise that intelligence and rat-arsedness are not necessarily mutually exclusive?


  14. Oh well … I’m happy (for me/us, not you!). Now we are sure to see you on stage – again!! And you will NOT be able to say “no” next year when I come with MY puppy eyes … Oh well, almost forgot: you are on board already.
    Break a leg or two. Lookign forward to seeing you on the boards.


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