I am slowly beginning to emerge from the sticky tendrils of a mucous-powered fog that’s been coating my brain for the past few days. I suspect that it’ll take a while before I’m back up to speed in the cranial activity department, but there do seem to be definite stirrings in the synapses once again.

For example, I’ve been wondering why opportunity knocks, but you have to take advantage of a window of opportunity? Does this mean that defenestration+ is an inherently opportunistic activity? Troubling questions indeed. Not quite as troubling or immediate as “who the fuck has stolen my pen?”, but vaguely bothersome nonetheless.

This morning, I got an e-mail from my friend Andrea (whose blog, Colouring Outside the Lines, has been nominated in two categories for the 2006 Canadian Blog Awards) asking about my “babe-filled social life”. Andrea likes to beat me with the irony stick from time to time, but for once I had the opportunity to retaliate with an infuriatingly opaque account of my dinner date on Saturday night.

I only mention this, because I don’t want Andrea to suffer alone++

+ Humblest apologies to MJW, but I couldn’t resist

++ Mwahahahahaha!


20 thoughts on “Obscurity

  1. Awww, what are friends for?
    Cranial activity isn’t all that it is cracked up to be..in my estimation it is highly overated. Think about the happiest moments in your life..
    they usually don’t involve much synaptic action do they?


  2. angel: You just did.

    andrea: I thought misery loved company.

    luke: I forget – am I the good cop out or the bad cop out?

    homo escapeons: This is true. On both counts.

    anne: That’s a rhetorical question, of course.


  3. These days I prefer not thinking about what’s going on around me. It just complicates things too much. If you don’t take the opportunity, it meanders off in search of someone more interested…


  4. It seems, either way, opportunity is always outside; or rather, on the other side to which you are (unless, of course, it’s knocking from the inside, but that would be rather unopportunistic). This would mean that defenstration wouldn’t help, as opportunity would merely move mystically (probably involving minute sub-atomic particles called opportunons)to the other side.

    Opportunities can seemingly only be grasped from the inside through either doors or windows. This would presumably involve something musical, hence the need to be opportune.

    Oh gods. Sorry.


  5. A dinner date and you don’t tell us about it? And here I thought “transparency is what the blogs are all about. Damn!
    Defenestration is only opportunistic when opportunity knocks on the window and doesn’t break the glass.


  6. M: I like to live on the edge.

    jam: I see those meditation classes are bearing fruit 🙂

    katt: No. I checked. I think my illness may have been related to that anonymous letter filled with strange white powder.

    peas: Do androids dream of electric sheep?

    mjw: Ag, thanks man.

    the yak: Don’t worry, it passes.

    chitty: But I just did! Oh I see… you want details.


  7. Ah, the wonders of the English language.

    In my book, defenestration is the act whereby Mr Mugabe’s yobs cut down / stole/ destroyed about 3 miles of our paddock fences. The cops said they could do nothing.

    I suppose one could also look at this as the law being thrown out of the window.


  8. I just googled ‘defenestration’. I hereby declare you responsible for any future acts of defenestration I may commit because I have to say it sounds like just my kinda thing and my defense in court will be, “I would never have done it, your Honour, if I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’ and it was KN who introduced me to the whole idea so actually it’s his fault.”
    Thanks buddy!


  9. katie possum: My sympathies, fellow snuffeler.

    inyoka: A paneful experience, no doubt.

    dolce: Of course you do.

    terri: You’re thinking of the public-transport applications, aren’t you? Perhaps I should point out that it was actually MJW who dug up the word in the first place. I’ve just thrown it out there a bit more often.


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