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The theatre has been chewing up most of my after-hours time lately, but I did manage to meet up with Salman for coffee at Canal Walk the other night. This resulted in an unexpected entertainment bonus, which took the form of the Musica Clearance Store (which I happened to walk past on my way to the restaurant). It is an entire shop full of truly horrendous R20+ bargain-bin CDs, so I just had to investigate.

The fact that many of the items on offer had been marked down several times (before finally being relegated to the Last Chance Saloon of the music world) was a poignant and beautiful example of what happens when greed decays into hopelessness.

Tempted as I was by gems such as ‘Worsie Visser – the Early Years’ and ‘Stool Pigeon’ by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, I somehow found myself leaving empty-handed.

On my way out, I briefly considered buying a ‘Music Awards Kylie’ doll as a going-away present for someone, but I swiftly discarded that idea, because some practical jokes really are unforgivable.

+ About $2-70 in real money or roughly equivalent to the GDP of Zimbabwe++

++ Yes, I know this joke is getting old


29 thoughts on “Disk count

  1. barbedwire: Don’t get me wrong – I love Kylie. I have all of her albums. Well, all except for the ones she released after 1987. The real question is, would you would want an almost life-sized (i.e. 11″) Kylie doll gracing your living room?


  2. looks like you need something more exciting to do! Here’s something!

    I need 6 people (3 boys, 3 girls, age late 20’s to mid 30’s) to be on SA’s premiere glamour magazine TV programme! Know any pretty people with personality? This has to happen fast! We need to secure the camera crew tomorrow! The shoot is next week Thursday in Cape Town. We’re doing a TV insert for a dating company and we want to film people having a great time in a restaurant and getting to know each other in the process. Since this is a start-up company, I can’t afford to pay anybody, but hey, I’m sure there are great people out there with class and personality that would luuurrve to be on national TV! So, if you wanna be on TV, register online at http://www.astrodate.co.za (remember to upload a picture!) and send an email to info@astrodate.co.za, stating that you would like to be eligible for the televised date. If there is an avalanche of people, then obviously not everyone will be selected, since I only need 6 people!


  3. barbedwire: Actually, that could be quite entertaining 😉

    kieliekoek: I’m not quite sure how you managed to navigate my spam filter, but I’m rather pleased that you did. Unfortunately, the win a date with Kyknoord competition closed ages ago, so I’m afraid you’re out of luck.


  4. You have to be careful with Musica sales… Your “Greatest Hits Of Elvis” CD often contains the footnote “as sung by edwin knobhead and the craptones”…


  5. Hey Kyk, with Xmas round the corner and me attedning one of those functions where the gift maximum is R30, I’m kinda thinking that people will be receiving the Best of Johnny Mathis and Carika Keuzenkamp’s greatest hits in their stockings.


  6. Kid Creole! Why can’t you be more like Endicott?
    A kylie doll could ‘entertain’ your Gi Joe Troops. God knows that the boys are far from home and lonely..a little “can’t get you out of my mind” would really be a boost to the morale.


  7. other-duke: Even more amazing are the extreme copy-protection measures put in place on a CD that nobody wants anyway.

    deon: Edwin Knobhead was okay when he was front man for the Spam Magnets, but I can’t say I like his later stuff, especially now that he’s resorted to doing covers like Rod Stewart.

    dolce: Most certainly. I’m putting together a deal with Cell C for a Short Massage Service (which is delivered to subscribers with phones that have a vibrate function).

    revolving credit: Only if you hurry. I’m sure they’re selling fast.

    anne: Damn!

    homo escapeons: I was, but I’m better now 🙂
    I wonder how Chewbacca would feel about some Kylie action?


  8. Well CD sales are CD sales ’cause no one wants to buy that kind of crap in the first place. Why did you put yourself through all that pain???
    Kylie’s cute.


  9. What frightens me about this entry is the fact that I know quite a few people who would love a Worsie Visser CD. *shudder*

    Hm, Kieliekoek, what a charming name! It makes a change from the spam mails doing the rounds that read:

    From: Beuford Bumrimmer
    Subject: Hi, it’s Beuford

    *click on delete*


  10. triggermap: Musica has a lot to answer for.

    jam: Torture? Au contraire Mlle Confiture, I love rooting through the bargain bin for hidden treasures. Their very rarity makes them all the more precious.

    katt: Stop insulting my cousins! It’s really hurtful, you know.

    luke: There’s a new one? Be still my beating cochlea.


  11. peas: I got plenty of weird shit in my collection. Ol’ Sausage Angler would be in good company.

    parenthesis: I would, but in the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, my stuff “isn’t news – it’s opinion

    angel: I saw quite a few albums with “sokkie” in the title, so I may well have.

    katt: Charl Pauw is infinitely smackable.

    lori: Actually, there was a whole section dedicated to him.

    livewire: You be sure to share, y’hear?


  12. Oh man, I’m always so tempted to get people extremely inappropriate gifts – like CDs from Gospel Direct or the latest volume of Stampende Treffers…this place sounds like a goldmine to me. I can hardly wait to see the faces on Christmas morning. 🙂


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  14. peas: I would just like to raise my hont in objection.

    parenthesis: Ta 🙂

    choosy: Evil, but brilliant. It’s a veritable cornucopia of crud – and the best part is that they’re all non-returnable.

    iscatterlings: It’s a sin? I thought that was by the Pet Shop Boys, not the Worsmeister.


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